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17 April 2014

Cream's top Easter campaigns

Even though the Easter celebrations are only just getting started, we’ve already stuffed ourselves silly with chocolate over here at the Cream HQ! But the thought of spending hours next week at the gym hasn’t put a dampener on our Easter Spirits.

Here is our pick of the top Easter campaigns from over the years!

Here today...Goo tomorrow!

Who knew that making a short animaton about the fate of a Cadbury's Creme Egg could be so brilliant?

View the the full campaign here!

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14 April 2014

If you want to sell things, don’t be a marketer


“The era of the store as media is upon us” - Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet

With his eloquent delivery and passion for his products, Steve Jobs could sell ice to an Eskimo, or so the saying goes. But Jobs, if you asked him, never sold a thing. Former Apple VP Allison Johnson divulged that Jobs hated the word marketing. He didn't want to be a marketer or a salesman. He wanted to effectively communicate what's so great about Apple's products and what made the experience using them so enjoyable. In other words, he wanted to be a storyteller (and boy, was he ever).

What he was describing-selling vs. storytelling-has become the greatest showdown in retail history, leading to the downfall of decades-old brands like Staples, Radio Shack and JC Penney. Following the lead of Amazon and Zappos, younger, smaller, more agile brands likeWarby ParkerThrillist and Birchbox took to the Web with innovative business models. They pushed established retailers to the fringes of relevancy by pairing content with commerce-providing customers with brand journalism, personality, customization, personalization, information, convenience and free shipping, all just a click away.

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11 April 2014

The real point of a ‘SELFIE’ (and the new economics of celebrity)

People have been taking photos of themselves for years. Yet, suddenly – like the explosion of a little cultural word grenade – the word ‘Selfie’ has entered the mainstream. I bet you have used the word in conversation in the past week. And I also bet you had never mentioned the word in your life before that. Like me, you might have found this quite odd. You may have wondered about how easily our sponge-like brains can be manipulated, with not even a book or a classroom to impart the information. Just where did this all come from?

This is an example of a “meme”, coined by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins to describe a unit of a transferable idea, in the same way as a “gene” is a unit of heredity. If I remember correctly, the first example Dawkins used to illustrate his new term was the wearing of baseball caps backwards, which just goes to show that just because a meme is successful it doesn’t mean to say it is necessarily tasteful or for the general betterment of humanity.

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09 April 2014

Festival of Media Global 2014 winners

Starcom.png ed

Starcom MediaVest Group was awarded Agency Network of the Year last night at the Festival of Media Global Awards in the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, with the most winning campaigns across different countries out of any agency.

Starcom’s winning entries hailed from Poland, the Philippines, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, and Sweden.

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08 April 2014

Festival of Media Global 2014 – highlights from day one

We've had a fantastic first day at the 8th Festival of Media Global, with an incredibly diverse range of industry leaders all sharing fascinating insights and knowledge with our delegates.

The Festival Chairman, Charlie Crowe, kicked off the event with the introduction of Dr. Markus Nordberg, Head of Resources Development at CERN, who talked about the importance of understanding big data and in obtaining value through finding connections and meaning in them: VISION + COMMITMENT + TOLERANCE has been the algorithm for success in CERN's science community. 

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07 April 2014

Why your car is the next media frontier

Say venn

“Data is the next Intel Inside.” - Tim O'Reilly

The highway and the information superhighway have literally merged and your car is becoming the center of your connected universe, churning out an amazing amount of big data (and media) at eye-popping speed. Like up to 1.3 gigs … every hour. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the automotive industry will be the second largest generator of data by 2015. Gartner reports that, by 2018, one in five cars on the road will be "self-aware" and able to discern and share information on their mechanical health, their global position and status of their surroundings.

With a system of sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and computing power, intelligent cars now interact with their owners. The number one question new car buyers are asking dealers about today: How does their car interact with smartphones and tablets?

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04 April 2014

Are marketers missing a trick with online gaming?

TV has always been the mass-market media of choice for brands, providing huge, emotionally engaged audiences across a wide range of content designed to appeal to specific groups. But the way we consume entertainment media has changed dramatically over the passed few years and the TV is no longer the “living room” focal point it once was.

Look at the modern family room and you’ll see a range of different screens in use; from the TV itself to touch devices and laptops. Smart TV may be trying to re-address this, but the reality is that it is still some way from reaching its full potential due to a disparate selection of operating systems and a cumbersome interface.

The problem this poses for brands is that as the first chinks in TV’s armour start to appear they are left looking to find an alternative. Could online gaming be the answer?

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31 March 2014

The four essential elements of addictive content marketing

Say venn

“Everybody judges, all the time. Now, you got a problem with that, you're living wrong.” – Rust, True Detective

If you're like me, you were enthralled by the first season of HBO's True Detective. And because of the way the show is structured, there was a definitive end to the story for the characters portrayed by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

Online content marketing is more like this kind of finite serial drama than you might think. You need prospects with problems and desires to keep coming back until the conclusion, which is doing business with you.

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