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29 April 2016

Free your social conscience

The latest Persil #DirtIsGood campaign shows just how powerful brands can be when they align themselves with the right cause, says Lou Garrod of Sense.

“Daily outdoors time is probably the most important part of my day,” says an inmate of Wabash Maximum Security Prison in Indiana, USA in the latest Persil TV ad.

“To walk out that door and feel the sun on your face, it’s everything to me,” says another.

Each inmate is allowed at least two hours outside ‘yard time’ every day. But what has this got to do with Persil?

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22 April 2016

OMD scoops ‘Agency Network of the Year’ at Festival of Media MENA Awards 2016

Omd winner

OMD has won the coveted ‘Agency Network of the Year’ title at this year’s Festival of Media MENA Awards, after picking up 11 trophies across its UAE and Egypt offices, representing nine different brands across nine categories.

The agency network’s most notable performance was in the ‘Best Launch Campaign’ category where it had a full sweep, picking up Gold, Silver and Bronze for Cheetos, Sting and Lay’s, respectively.

MEC MENA scooped the ‘Agency of the Year’ award, in addition to ‘Campaign of the Year’ for ‘MAGGI Diaries – A Journey of Women, Food & Change’ – which walked away with Gold, Silver and Bronze across a range of categories.

The Festival of Media MENA Awards ceremony, held on April 20 at the Music Hall in Dubai, celebrated the best in media thinking and communications across the MENA region. Judged by a senior panel of agency heads and global and regional brand marketers, the prestigious event rewards the very best work, helping the winning agencies and media owners win new business and increased influence in the marketplace.

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15 April 2016

OOH Ad of the Week: Quebec City Magic Festival 'The Mysterious Billboard' (Canada)

Have you ever seen an outdoor billboard just disappear before your eyes?  

No? Well, after watching our OOH Ad of the Week you will have... 

To promote the 2016 Quebec City Magic Festival, taking place in Canada from  April 21-24, agency Lg2 Quebec came up with a really clever idea that's bound to create intrigue. The Mysterious Billboard was erected in key locations across Canada simply as a red curtain. Then, all of a sudden, the curtain unveiled to reveal... quite literally, nothing.

Check it out below. 

Want to know how they did it? Check out 'Behind the curtain' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Gtw8wUf60&feature=youtu.be

08 April 2016

MediaCom the front runner on Festival of Media Global Awards 2016 shortlist

MediaCom leads the shortlist for this year's Festival of Media Global Awards with 19 campaigns shortlisted across 17 categories – a total of 35 nominations. Hot on the agency's heels is OMD and PHD in joint second place with 28 nominations apiece. 

'100% Kosher Head & Shoulders' (MediaCom Israel for P&G's Head & Shoulders), 'Sunday Grannies' (UM Romania for Vodafone) and 'Lucy the Robot' (Atomic 212 in Australia for Double Robotics) are this year's top shortlisted campaigns, with five nominations each. 

The top five markets on the shortlist include the UK, US, Australia and India, followed by Romania with an impressive representation in nine categories. A number of independent agencies also made their stamp on this year's shortlist with Chaos Media, Mediaplus, Madison Media and Atomic 212 represented.  

The Festival of Media Global Awards celebrate the very best in media thinking from around the world. Four new categories were introduced this year including the D'Atlas Brand Purpose Award in partnership with Discovery Communications, Best Campaign for Commerce, The Best Insight Award and Best Not-For-Profit Campaign.  

The winners will be decided by the Festival of Media Global Awards final jury, presided over by Allan Soares, Harley Procter Brand Director, P&G, and will be announced on Thursday 19 May as part of the Festival of Media Global conference at the Rome Cavalieri in Rome, Italy. Click through for more information about this year's final judging panel and the event itself.  

Check out the full shortlist below and be sure to keep checking back as we'll be bringing you all the shortlisted case studies right here on Cream.  

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04 April 2016

Why sponsors want more out of sports sponsorship

The internet and social media mean the sporting event itself is now just the tip of the overall fan experience, and traditional sponsorship models are simply no longer delivering, says Sporting Mouth’s John Owrid.

We recently learned that Adidas aren’t that enamoured with the way Manchester United are currently playing football. While it hasn’t stopped them selling record numbers of United shirts, the associative values of the team’s performance apparently aren’t in line with the sponsor’s stripes.

Although it’s a story that probably gained more prominence due to a slow news week, it foreshadows something that has been brewing for quite a while, that all is not entirely rosy in the world of sports sponsorship.

Ever since the FIFA scandal broke and football’s leading brand sponsors discovered that their financial support had been unconsciously funding corruption within the game’s governing body, there have been some uncomfortable questions to answer about the value of sponsorship. Whether FIFA (and potentially UEFA’s) own tainted brands have adverse knock-on effects for the brands that sponsor their tournaments is way too early to tell. But at the very least, the brands that continue to support tournaments, such as the World Cup and the European Championships, must be especially keen to see how their loyalty is refunded.

That said, the bigger concern for brands isn’t about whether to continue to pay the tax levied by FIFA and UEFA for their involvement in key tournaments, but how to deal with the fact the traditional sponsorship model is increasingly inapplicable to the task in hand.

Very crudely, sponsorship works by providing brands with special access to something that contains positive associative values for their customers. It’s like a backstage pass that they can share with the people that matter to them. And the most successful brands use this pass very well, creating experiences for fans that are rare and unique. But does taking fans closer to the action equate to helping brands get closer to the fans?

The problem with major tournaments, such as the forthcoming Euros, is that the event itself is so pervasive that access doesn’t seem such a big deal any more. While many of next summer’s official sponsors will be competing with one another to provide the most authentic fan experiences at the tournament, the majority of fans won’t be attending the games. Instead, they’ll be consuming the Euros as a variety of social experiences in their own virtual stadia, using their own technology to propel their involvement in the action.

Instead of getting even more pitch side with their marketing focus, brands might want to explore the case for sponsoring the social connection between fans as an alternative. By reversing the polarity of the traditional sponsorship model to sponsor fan behaviour, instead of event-based phenomena, brands can cut out the middleman (in this case UEFA) and connect with fans direct.

If there’s a better way to capitalise on a huge sporting bubble, with double the shelf life of Christmas, without paying for the privilege of being Santa’s little helper, then it probably isn’t legal.

John Owrid is chairman of Sporting Mouth, which is soon to launch social gaming app Europundit for Euro 2016.

01 April 2016

Programmatic TV – learnings from the US

TV advertising is unquestionably an integral part of contemporary culture. While the British nation's appetite for quality TV ad content still exists, the way advertisers approach the consumer has had to change. Brands can’t rely on blasting out the Milk Tray ad content alongside Coronation Street in the hope that it’ll be watched by the right audience any more. The proliferation of screen devices and the rise of the always on consumer has meant that the medium needs to adapt to target consumers better, making programmatic a priority.

Programmatic TV works for everyone. Its instant and data-driven nature means broadcasters can monetise all TV inventory effectively, advertisers can improve targeting, and consumers won’t be served irrelevant content.

As it stands, programmatic TV advertising is still nascent in the UK, but the situation is different when we look further afield. The US is paving the way and there’s a lot we can learn from what’s happening across the pond.

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22 March 2016

Mindshare sweeps the board at Festival of Media APAC Awards 2016

Foma winner

Mindshare has taken the crown as 'Agency Network of the Year' at this year's Festival of Media Asia-Pacific Awards, with a total of 12 winning entries across the board. The majority of those campaigns were implemented by Mindshare India, earning the local office the 'Agency of the Year' title. 

'How we used programmatic to develop content and reach millennials to get them fired up for KFC's Hot and Cheezy Burger!' from Universal McCann earned the 'Campaign of the Year' accolade, in addition to Gold for 'Best Use of Video', Silver for 'Best Targeted Campaign' and 'The Smart Use of Data Award'. 

New for 2016, the Festival of Media Asia Pacific Awards partnered with Twitter to introduce a new category: "Twitter Live Marketing" to reflect the increasing importance and speed of marketing communications in our industry. The Gold winner in this category was 'When Google Maps went beyond giving directions to people. It unlocked a treasure. Thanks to Lay's' by Mindshare India, Silver went to 'Pepsi's Pre-emptive strike on social media', also by Mindshare India, and taking Bronze was 'McDonald's Beat the Mayweather' by Leo Burnett Manila.  

Congratulations to all the winners. See below for the full list of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners across all categories and be sure to click through to view the full case studies. 

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21 March 2016

Launch Ad of the Week: Sound of Change 'Supporting buskers beyond the streets' (Netherlands, Russia, Spain)

Soc 1

Digital agency Hungry Boys is behind the launch of a project in the shape of a new record label Sound of Change, which aims to give street buskers the opportunity to have their music recorded in a studio and gain listeners around the world in an effort to help them make money beyond the streets. 

Simply by uploading a video of someone busking to the Sound of Change website, adding details about the musician and geotagging the location, performers can be mapped and shared on social networks using the hashtag #soundofchange.  

Hungry Boys will then look for producers and other partners to help facilitate an opportunity for the musicians to record in a nearby studio. The music will then be released via a variety of download and streaming sites including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, will all proceeds going back to the musicians. 

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