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01 September 2014

FOMLA Awards 2014 Shortlist is out...

OMD is dominating this year’s Festival of Media LatAm awards with 15 shortlisted entries, while Starcom MediaVest Group, Leo Burnett and Initiative are also flying high with seven shortlisted entries each.

IPG Mediabrands-owned Cubocc’s campaign ‘Hellmann’s WhatsCook’ was nominated four times making it the most shortlisted campaign this year. [Check out the case study here].

Interestingly for the first time ever, campaigns from Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Paraguay have all made the shortlist and the overall number of countries represented has increased by 15%, while the number of brands shortlisted has increased by 12% year on year.

Randy Ransom, SVP commercial LatAm at SABMiller, and chair of this year’s jury said: “The increase of companies, brands and countries represented on this year’s shortlist follows the gathering pace of media and advertising in Latin America.

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29 August 2014

Activia knocks VW off top spot for most shared ad of all time

We couldn’t see it coming, but it has happened… Yoghurt brand Activia’s Brazilian-themed ‘Trackvert’ has overtaken that Super Bowl ad from Volkswagen ‘The Force’ to claim the crown of most shared ad of all time.

The figures, from social video marketing platform Unruly, show that Activia’s music video ad, released in partnership with the World Food Programme and featuring Colombian pop starlet Shakira, overtook Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’, which had held the number one spot since February 2011, with a whopping 5,498,593 shares versus VW’s reigning 5,272,500 (at time of writing).

The Activia ad has also been viewed on YouTube a staggering 315,439,228 times!

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Why Flipboard has authors flipping out

Say venn

Let me speak in defense of the click for a moment.

There's no term I find more puzzling in modern media jargon than "clickbait." A story lives to be told. Writers write for their readers. What does a storyteller long for more than a rapt listener?

Back in the early days of the Web, the click was novel, a brain-busting rush of seemingly endless information. We clicked and clicked and clicked, surfing the Web until we reached the end of the Internet.

Two decades on, the click has become a trick—one some disillusioned scribes played on their readers, who may not have been aware they were involved in a game.

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26 August 2014

A brand builder’s guide to surviving China

Got your eyes set on China? Don’t take the plunge before you’ve read this…

In a land seen as the holy grail of growth it seems every industry wants to know the secrets to building their brand in China. With its huge population, vast geography, exploding wealth, a great appetite for brands – and let’s not forget some enticing government-backed incentives for select businesses to invest in China – what’s not to love about this economic powerhouse, and what could possibly go wrong?

I’ve been working globally for nearly 25 years, and I’ve seen countless examples where the local team exaggerate consumer differences to justify their own marketing initiatives. I’ve also worked on and lead countless cross-country projects where the team’s first meetings are peppered with cultural gaffs and insults but end with hugs and “hi-fives”. “People are people” is my mantra and I firmly believe that we are bound more by common values than differences. However, when it comes to China it is how well you acknowledge the differences that will make or break your brand, campaign, project, team or business.

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19 August 2014

A decade of change for TV: infographic

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of screens, devices and services available to watch TV, but how has this affected the way video is consumed?

Global broadcast solutions provider BroadStream has released a new infographic that looks at the changes in viewing habits over the last decade. It found that 85% of people still prefer to watch TV on the biggest screen in their home, as well as watching their favourite shows live rather than on catch-up services.

Check out the infographic below for more findings about TV viewing then and now.

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18 August 2014

The 5 biggest mistakes most marketers make when targeting millennials


The most common mistakes in Millennial marketing, so you can avoid them - written by a Millennial.

Millennials are a tricky bunch. They're a huge generation raised on tech, hyper-speed media, and rapid-fire cultural change, making them difficult for previous generations, not to mention marketers, to understand. At Ypulse we've studied Millennials day in and day out for a decade, and for every successful campaign aimed at young consumers that we see, there are three more that miss the mark. Luckily, we've rounded up some of the biggest, most common mistakes we've seen in Millennial marketing, so you can avoid making them.

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15 August 2014

How the advertising world reacted to Robin Williams’ death

Robin Williams sadly died on Mon 11th August, 2014 at the age of 63 following a long, hard battle with depression. But as fans around the world took to social media to mourn the loss of, who for many was, a childhood favourite, they weren’t the only ones paying tributes…

Here are a few of our top most moving tributes:

1. Apple - “Remembering Robin Williams”

In a rare but special move, global tech giant Apple has set up a dedicated ‘Remembering Robin Williams’ tribute web page on its website.

Apple web

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13 August 2014

Sod incremental. To succeed businesses must think small!

Imagine the scenario: It’s planning time and budgets are still really tough. Many consultancies and agencies will be talking to their clients about incremental growth, incremental volume, incremental profit, and incremental process improvements.

It’s such a lovely, feel-good adjective. It’s like the growth is there so long as you can find best practice, harness capability and galvanise action… yes, this is straight from the manual of consultants’ ‘bullshit bingo’. 

The problem with ‘incremental’ is that it says improvement, but with no real effort or worse, anything will do. While businesses are shuffling the deck chairs looking for internal best practice, the consumers and market are making their own best practice. And, at a pace that will outrun any ‘ways of working’ manual or online toolkit.

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