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21 October 2010

Brazil and politics - a Twitter snapshot (Infographic)


Government elections can be difficult to get excited about, particularly when they are in a country different to your own, but the recent (an ongoing) Brazilian presidential elections make for quite interesting reading. Brazil has been gripped with election fever for much of the summer, and this looks set to continue until the end of October. 

In full telenovela style, the election has been marked by a lot of controversy, a little scandal, and curious whispers of US involvement!

Leaving all that aside, TwitRadar.com have produced this rather fun graphic detailing the levels of Twitter activity during August, a particularly tumultuous period in the recent political soap opera. The graphic tracks the Twitter chatter surrounding Dilma Rousseff and Jose Serra, two of the leading candidates. 


 There'll be lots more news, views and statistics from Brazil and the Latin American region at the Festival of Media LatAm, which takes place early next week. Follow us on #fomla2010 for regular updates, live from the event. 


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