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02 March 2011

Del Monte goes bananas!


Del Monte has announced plans to offer bananas in plastic wrappers to slow down the ripening process. To be frank, this is ludicrous, particularly when you look at where they plan to offer the newly packaged products. Consumers buying fruit from petrol stations, convenience stores, and, particularly, gyms are likely to do so because they want to consume the product there and then, not a couple of days later.


Excess packaging has been a huge issue for the industry and with items like this cropping up it seems it will be here to stay. However, there is another way.

By applying the principles of radicality (which ultimately entails us getting back to our roots) to buying and consumption habits, consumers can significantly decrease the amount of waste produced and brands can help this process. Indeed, if brands such as Del Monte acknowledge and act on the trends emerging around using fresh ingredients, recycling at home and re-using items, this return to our roots will be much more effective. Offering consumers longer-shelf life on a product is not, and should not be the focus for brands. Now is the time to be natural, now is the time to apply the notion of radicality. 


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The reason companies put them in bags is so they can last during distribution, not last for the consumer. They need to be distributed to stores, which takes time. Creating this packaging allows more consumers to enjoy fruit instead of donuts. :)

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