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28 April 2011

Royal retail trends

Live Breathe window

Live & Breathe, a creative agency that specialises in the retail sector, has produced an interesting trend report looking at different retailer window treatments, featuring a mixture of the best and most interesting examples of how retailers have attempted to make the most of royal wedding fever. Read the full report here

Case study: Royal congratulations

02 Will and Kate Post ItRoyal congratulations | Post-it, UK| OgilvyAction

OgilvyAction, the brand activation arm of the Ogilvy Group, created a tactical royal wedding-themed outdoor campaign for the new Post-it ‘Super Sticky Notes’.

The OOH based campaign uses a giant Post-it Super Sticky Note with the names of the royal couple hand-written with a heart, accompanied by the words ‘May you stick together forever. Congratulations’ - a light hearted connection between the product and the Royal wedding. The product strap-line is ‘Holds Stronger and Longer’.

The campaign goes live on Sunday 24th April for 2 weeks and appears in high-visibility sites across London. In central London locations with heavy traffic and footfall.

Helene Manga, brand manager at 3M, said: “OgilvyAction came to us proactively with this initiative.  As soon as we saw it we knew we couldn’t say no to the campaign. The Royal wedding is spreading cheer throughout the nation as millions, even billions of people across the world gear up for this wonderful celebration. OgilvyAction has placed Post-it Super Sticky Notes at the heart of the event with a humorous campaign that has as wonderfully light touch.”

Jason Wall business director at OgilvyAction, added: ‘Post-it Notes are an iconic product that everyone knows and loves. Given their status as a household name it made absolute sense to develop a tactical campaign that would reinforce the ubiquitous nature of the product and teasingly link them to the Royal wedding, through the Super Sticky messaging.

See the full case study on Cream

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The royal wedding and brand Britain


Will and Kate

Royal wedding generates new level of buzz




The royal wedding and brand Britain


The UK comes to a standstill tomorrow to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Regardless of your opinion of the Royal Family (or 'the Firm') there's no denying that the country will be in a celebratory mood tomorrow. 

Judging by the size of the media village that has been built just around the corner from Buckingham Palace in Green Park, a sizeable part of the outside world is also interested in tomorrow's ceremony. But do Kate and Wills' nuptials have any impact on the UK as a brand? Guest blogger Mark Rae of Brandhouse offers his thoughts...

Brand Britain on a roll

“The eyes of the world will be watching Britain on April 29th, as the much anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton takes place. It’s an event that is set to build huge emotional ties to Brand Britain both at home and away, providing the ideal lead up to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and London’s hosting of the Olympic Games.”

“Amidst the economic downturn, rising costs, cut backs and unemployment, the Royal Wedding (and the bank holiday) provides an emotional uplift and longed for boost to the country as people have the chance to come together and celebrate as a nation. In both the short and long term this will be a boom for UK tourism as it demonstrates the strength of our culture, history and tradition, the main reasons according to Visit Britain, Britain’s national tourism agency, that make us such an attractive destination.”

Participating in the experience – at home and abroad

“Thirty years ago, almost a billion TV viewers watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. The union of their eldest son could well exceed this as it’s being broadcast through every imaginable communications channel with Clarence House launching a website, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube accounts to live stream the event. As a result, it’s a party that the whole world is in on and a one-off event reaching a truly global audience.”

A new take on a traditional fairy tale

“The story of William and Kate is a new take on the fairy tale romance: Prince marries middle-class girl. It reveals a more democratic, meritocratic Britain, no longer in thrall to the upper classes and royal elite. The couple’s relationship is a compelling brand story that engages people from all walks of life and is impossible to ignore, highlighting a thoroughly modern Britain.”

"The embracing of social media highlights that this is indeed a thoroughly modern couple and a symbol of a Royal household that has moved into the 21st century and is now more progressive, responsive and receptive than ever before.”

A boost for all things British

"Whilst the Royal Wedding provides huge promotional potential for UK tourism, hospitality and leisure brands, it’s also a great opportunity for food and retail brands to capitalise on or manufacture their quintessential Britishness.”

“With limited edition products ranging from Special Edition Prince William champagne, Haribo Hearts and Rings, Kiss me Kate Ale, McVities special edition biscuit tins, and Crown Jewel condoms, it’s hard to escape the surge in the William and Kate merchandise. However brands need to be careful of jumping on the Royal Wedding bandwagon; and there is a real danger of some going down the tacky tat route, losing their integrity and telling a brand story that bears no relevance to them.” 


Mark Rae is business development director at Brandhouse

27 April 2011

Smartphones, social & screens - a study of urbanite behaviours & attitudes

We (Posterscope) have collaborated with Metro newspaper to further understand the attitudes and behaviours of ‘urbanite’ audiences in relation to digital and interactive out-of-home and location based mobile and social media.

The full report is available here with a few highlights below :

 - Usage patterns of mobile Facebook, Twitter, email, games, music, web browsing, online shopping and other apps are very similar when comparing London to other major cities. -

- Amongst active users of these smartphone features; travelling by bus, waiting at bus stops, travelling on trains and waiting at stations are all key times for using Facebook (44% do so), web browsing (32%) and emailing (32%).

- Of the major location based social networks, Facebook places has the highest awareness (41%) with Foursquare at 30%.

- But 48% have never heard of any of them and again there isn't much of a London skew in terms of awareness.

- They expect digital OOH screens to be dynamic, live or interactive (whereas the majority of brands don't take full advantage of such capabilities)


26 April 2011

Peroni Nastro Azzurro launches new global campaign

Peroni nastro azzuro

SABMiller is launching a new global campaign for its Peroni Nastro Azzurro brand which takes inspiration from its Italian roots.

"Primavera / Estate’ (Spring / Summer) was filmed in and around Lake Como and will appear in cinema and out-of-home. Produced by the global creative agency The Bank, the ad features the Italian recording artist Mario Biondi who recorded the soundtrack to the campaign. Both English and Italian versions of Biondi’s remake of ‘My Girl’ will to available to download on iTunes. Alternatively, consumers can listen to the soundtrack on www.peronimygirl.com.

The latest Peroni Nastro Azzurro work follows on from the recent La Dolce Vita’, ‘Blue Ribbon’, and ‘Senza Tempo’ campaigns.  The campaign has initially launched in the UK and will roll-out to other international markets later this summer.

Claudia Falcone, Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s global marketing manager said: “As Italians, we live for this time of year known as ‘La Bella Stagione’ (The Beautiful Season), enjoying the warmth, charm, and beauty of every outdoor moment. Our film captures our unique Italian passion, bringing the ‘La Bella Stagione’ to life.”

This story was spotted on M&M.

Twitter visualisations: Part two

Social media visualisation tools are getting quite sophistiated these days, but in contrast to the various examples of algorythmic and coding jiggery-pokery available today, I thought I would share my discovery of the Irkafirka blog. 

Artist Nick Hilditch creates drawings inspired by musings from the Twittersphere, which leads to some quite surreal images.

Twitter art
Twitter art 2
As a social media visualisation tool, these are of course completely useless - but they are enormously entertaining. As the Irkafirka blog states: "Anything you say might be taken down and coloured in," which might make some people think twice about what they're typing, before they tweet. 


The Tweet topic explorer-- a new branding exercise?

I've just come across this Twitter visualisation tool, where you can enter any Twitter account and it will generate a word cloud illustrating all the topics regularly discussed. Created by Jeff Clark at Neoformix, this cool interactive tool uses word cluster diagrams to show the frequently used words in tweets and how they are used together. The words are also colour-coded if they are found in the same tweets. 

This is an example from our @creamhq account:

Twitter explorer
Having just graduated from a Masters in Marketing, I find this tool oddly reminiscent of the numerous brand diagrams I studied. Remember all those theoretical ways to discuss brand identity marketing students out there? Kapferer brand identity prism anyone?

Could the colour-coding word clouding device be a new more concrete way to analyse a brand? Is Twitter effectively a new branding exercise? A good corporate Twitter account isn't solely about broadcasting discounts and events, but also about expressing brand personality. In fact, in my view, Twitter has become a unique opportunity for brands to show their audience that they are more than just the product. So if a brand's tweets are in line with the brand identity, the 'tweet topic explorer' does an excellent job of delivering a visual snapshot of that brand's personality.

Personally, as the new digital content curator of Cream, M&M, and the Festival of Media, the 'tweet topic explorer' is the ideal tool to help me keep tabs on managing the brand identies via Twitter. 

21 April 2011

Tropicana creates natural energy


Tropicana has created a luminous billboard uniquely powered by natural energy using oranges as the conductors of electricity. The oranges were then were recycled to produce biogas.

           Also see other naturally activated billboards Bleeding shame and In living colour.

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