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08 June 2011

Dennis Crowley at Digital Archaeology - Day Two


After a busy first day, Story Worldwide’s Digital Archaeology exhibit continued its run at Internet Week New York on Tuesday, welcoming a diverse set of visitors who gazed and grinned with nostalgia at websites and hardware that seemingly transported them back in time nearly two decades.

The morning began with a special visit from Dennis Crowley, Founder and CEO of the leading location-based social networking app FourSquare, following his early morning interview at the nearby AOL Stage. While interacting with a Macintosh Performa 6214CD featuring Word.com, Crowley fondly recalled his college days working on the iconic computer.

Dennis Crowley_FourSquare at DANYC
Dennis Crowley talking here to Jon Thomas from Story Worldwide

The exhibit saw a wide range of attendees flow through its workstations. CEOs to recent graduates all found at least one relic that defined their digital past, whether it was a first generation iPod, a Motorola Star Tac cell phone, or an early model Palm Pilot.

The exhibit’s online leaderboard, where attendees can vote for their favourite sites, saw some interesting shake-ups. Gift Mixer 3000, Agent Provocateur, and The Project held strong at the top, but Antirom was a big mover, jumping to 5th place. Developed in 1994, Antirom was actually the name of the art collective formed in London as a “protest against ill-conceived point-and-click interfaces.”


Tom Roope, now of The Rumpus Room and previously Tomato Interactive speaking about Antirom

The day concluded on the adjacent AOL Stage with a panel discussion about the viability of “Tech City” — an investment by the UK in an East London technology cluster that encourages internet and digital-based companies (both in the UK and US) to move to the cost efficient space. It was encouraging to see a government supporting the growing community of tech-focused companies and people to help preserve our digital future as we were preserving our digital past.

Digital Archaeology continues at Internet Week through Thursday, June 9th, so check back for further updates on the Cream blog.

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