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14 June 2011

Facebook is dead


Much like the impending demise of print, radio and out-of-home it appears that Facebook is now on the ‘watch list’ as it has seen significant traffic declines in the US and Canada over the past month.

According to Inside Facebook, which tracks Facebook via the social networks advertising tool, the sites growth has slowed due to user decline in the US, Canada, UK, Norway and Russia.

In the US, at the start of May there were 155.2 million users and at the end this dropped to 149.4 million. Canada followed suit falling by 1.52 million users to 16.6 million. The UK, Norway and Russia all had losses around the 100,000 mark.

However, before we all start ringing the alarm bells Facebook is in fact still growing, just not at the same rate. In the month of May, the number of new users to the site was 11.8 million, compared to 13.9 million in April. The site has historically grown by 20 million a month and is nearing 700 million users worldwide.

It is too early to call Facebook’s decline in North America a trend and its ‘top 10 country gainers’ list reads like one that any brand or media owner would enzy: Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

While Facebook will not always be the darling of social media, we all know these things come in cycles and you can insert your MySpace reference here, the more interesting aspect we need to find out is who is leaving Facebook? And where are they going? Is it the early adopters who are always on the hunt for something new and have had their fill of poking people? Or a younger generation that have joined to see what all the fuss is about and don’t get it?

Identifying Facebook’s defectors is what matters most to the advertiser who clamour to be on the platform.

By no means is Facebook dead, but peaking? Perhaps.

By Martina Lacey as spotted on the M&M blog.


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Myspace is already dead, facebook will join myspace in the grave soon! It's just a fad and people posting every 10 minutes have no lives.

Facebook is dead in the water because it has lost it's cool factor. You can't turn a TV on without seeing a commercial involving it. When they start making phones for your Mom, Dad, and Grandparents with easy facebook post buttons it's not to hard to figure out it's become uncool. It's become a chore to use and watch what you say. It isn't fun anymore. If you have stock, SELL, SELL, SELL! Seriously though, You're wondering who is leaving? The cool kids, that's who.

Facebook has pretty much become all-encompassing in today's society, which is not something I'm fond of at all. I have seen that Facebook isn't growing as quickly as it used to, and I don't hesitate to believe that it is either reaching the end of its peak or has had its peak already pass. Although I still use the freaking website, I am eagerly looking forward to not having to use it anymore; it is kind of cumbersome in some areas and its format is not reasonable. The Facebook groups, as far as I've observed, are not nearly as interesting or inviting as the Myspace groups of 2006 were (that is where format kicks in, and not necessarily the environment). Hopefully Google+ will be able to surmount Facebook and simultaneously not suck.

Hahaha I was intrigued by the title. It would have been cooler if it really is dead! Hehe Facebook book has been a big deal on advertisers and in the advertising company, this has been growing and growing each year. People didn't really bothered considering the issues behind it and the effects of it on people. It's a bit sad though, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer kind of situation.

Why is facebook dieing...Simple, you create every phone, tv, and effin microwave on the planet to access facebook, and it becomes pretty obvious, that it has gone to far. Basically for a while there it was ok, but then they bought in games, questionaires, adverts, etc etc, it started taking to much time to do all this crap, people liked being engrossed for a while, but then we realized we were missing our real lives,so we said up yours to facebook, cancelled our accounts, and went outside where the tv's cellhones, and computers arent all encompassing. quite simple, we like technology, but not to the point where thats all we think about, because the second the average human realizes their addicted to something, they quit it!!!

Hi all,

First, I'd like to thank you for this interesting article.

Let me share my opinion with you...

At the first beginning, I've seen FB as a powerful tool to keep in touch with all my friends all around the world. I have already travelled a lot, met a lot of people, and I'm working abroad. FB was one of the best way to keep my friends (and family) updated, but also to keep myself updated.
But now, we have to confess that the normal way of using FB has changed. The objective of FB (keep updated and being kept updated) has changed, maybe because these users don't create money...Our social network is now "polluted" by thousands of people using it as mirror of the social life they dream of (and they do not have). What does "400 fiends" mean? How many of them really care if you live or die? This way of using FB makes no sense...FB is not Sims...

A lot of guys are now fed up this pollution, and by consequent of FB.

Comments are welcome !

i just hate the damn stupid updates and changes

been using the www since 1994 and these thing's are just faze's, fad's, trends or whatever you want to call them. I still use usenet but guess many people chipped years ago.

Every try to reach a REAL PERSON at Facebook? It was over before it began!

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