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13 October 2011

Cream world tour presents Argentina: Coke, Andes Beer and Nike


Argentina is regarded as one of the creative hotspots of Latin America. Ad spend has been increasing each year since 2007 and online penetration in the county stands at 61%. 

Find out how well Argentina performs at the 2011 Festival of Media LatAm Awards on Friday evening, but for now, here are some examples of Argentinian creativity:

Nike thumb
Live air show (Nike) 
The Nike Air Show bridges the online/offline gap with the first shoe race in which you can participate by blowing from your computer's microphone, which propels a "flying" shoe in a Nike Store in Buenos Aires.


Andes thumb
Teletransporter (Andes) 
Many beer brands speak to men in a shared tone, showing them that they understand their needs, but often the intention isn't supported by action. Andes beer in Argentina recognized that men love going to bars to drink with their friends, but nagging girlfriends can often get in the way of this favoured pastime.

Coke thumbBiggest band in the world (Coca-Cola) 
Coke in Argentina decided that it needed to increase teen interest in the brand, and associate Coca-Cola with music in a way that would re-ignite teen interest and brand engagement. One way to combat the changing loyalties of this audience is to give them ownership of the brand: teens need to feel like they are part of something big.

Next week's the Cream world tour presents: Malaysia


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