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14 October 2011

OTTO release the NOTHINGTOWEAR monster in Russia


The online apparel retailer in Russia, OTTO, have launched an interactive online campaign that creatively tackles the familiar crisis of having “Nothing to wear!” in an attempt to draw a younger audience.  

The protagonist of the campaign is the problem itself, in the shape of a terrible, albeit charming and cute, monster called NOTHINGTOWEAR (МНЕНЕЧЕГОНАДЕТЬ in Russian).

The interactive mock-horror video, starring Anna Kornilova, gives the viewer a choice between two options, such as (OPEN CLOSET) (DO NOT OPEN) and later (CALL BOYFRIEND) (CALL GIRLFRIENDS), allowing the viewer to dictate the plot of the story. Finally, it leads to OTTO's competition website encouraging the audience to participate with their own videos and photos of handling the monster.


Considering the tight advertising budget, the brand decided to resort to unconventional methods of internet promotion with the help of advertising agency "Рекламные снайперы" (Advertising snipers) who proposed the monster NOTHINGTOWEAR idea and developed a plan for further concept development within a promotional website. The video shooting has been carried out by video production studio Screenplay & Play, while "Трёхмер" (Trehmer, 3D) came up with the look of the monster.


The professionals at Trehmer (3D) helped in bringing the monster to life



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