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09 November 2011

Cream world tour presents India: Pepsi, Gillette, and Tide


 Welcome back on the Cream world tour. Today, we are going to visit India...


India perhaps wins the crown for being the most fragmented media market there is. With over 500 TV channels, 7,000 daily newspapers and more than 70,000 magazines – and an increasing number of entrants from the Western world – the market can easily be deemed hectic. However, demand continues to keep prices rising. For a more in-depth look at the local media landscape, click here.

India has delivered some truly innovative media campaigns lately, let's take a look.

Pepsi smallIn 2010, in a move to combine Pepsi's promise of audacious self-belief and its consumer's passion for gaming, Pepsi created 'Pepsi: The Game', and for the first time in Indian media, introduced a video game played through television advertising and mobile phones. We can learn a lot from this campaign, to see this full case study, click here.

Gillette_IndiaThis next campaign is truly impressive, as it manages to turn around men's attitude towards shaving. Indeed, by sparking a national debate on shaving, Gillette gets the men of India excited about shaving, helping its market share in the razor market increase by 35%. Find the video and all the details of this campaign here.

A year later, as a spin-off of the last campaign, Gillette launched "Women against lazy shaving," where famous women were enlisted to reinforce the message that women preferred a clean shaven man. This campaign was shortlisted at the Festival of Media Global

Tide_starcom_01How to penetrate a market with almost no access to media, as well as a low interest in your product? Learn from Procter & Gamble's Tide, as it truly got creative and took a village by village approach in selling shampoo and detergent to rural India. Find out how they succeeded here!


There is so much to learn from India, so hopefully you will check out the campaigns above. We also have loads more on Cream, so never forget to use our advance search function to find out more.


Finally, if you are not able to attend the Festival of Media Asia next week (tickets are still available!), but wish you were, follow the #FOMA11 hashtag to find out what is being discussed.


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