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01 December 2011

Cream world tour presents Italy: Heineken, The Culture Week, and Cesviamo


Ciao and welcome back to the Cream world tour. Today's stop is Italy, where media is dominated by TV, and that in turn is dominated by politics, or more specifically, until recently, Silvio Berlusconi. The move to digital terrestrial TV is picking up pace after a slow start, but online as a whole lags many other parts of Western Europe.


Despite the pantomime that is the Italian government, Italy does have a thriving media industry. Here are a few case studies to show for it!


Heineken ItalyHeineken made the bold move of coming between Italian fans and their football for the UEFA Champions League game between Real Madrid and AC Milan. How did they achieve this successfully? Have a look!


And just in case you wanted to see what else Heineken was up to in Italy... Care for some beer-flavoured lip gloss?


Culture catsDespite housing many of the finest examples of human artistic achievement in the world, Italy's art galleries and museums were being neglected by a key potential audience - young Italians. Italy's The Culture Week decided to get involved and tempt young Italians to sample the country's cultural heritage with the use of deranged viral videos.

And finally...

'Nuff said!


And if that wasn't enough Italian case studies for you, we have plenty more!




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