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11 posts from August 2012

30 August 2012

Coca-cola Makes Friends in Singapore

Hug-me Coke vending machine


Coca-cola installed a vending machine,  a few months ago, on a university campus in Singapore as part of the company’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaign. This might not sound out of the ordinary, but the vending machine is a dispenser with a twist; it gives out cans of coke when hugged.

The idea is part of a global campaign, ‘Happiness Machines’, which started in 2009. Another machine set up in an American university handed out cans of coke as well as pizzas and flowers. More recently, a Friendship Machine dispensed two cokes for the price of one — but only if you had a friend to help you reach it.

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29 August 2012

nails inc: Integrating technology into the consumer experience


By Helen McCall

In-store terminals are not necessarily new – in the past customers have been able to view products and sometimes order items via terminals physically located in the retail space. However, nails inc’s in-store terminal in Harvey Nichols goes above and beyond the standard terminal, creating something that helps it stand out from the retail crowd.

The nails inc retail experience is fashion and trend led. It’s all about customers exploring colour and effects, whether that’s through its range of special ‘mani’ and ‘pedi’ services or through the product range either online or in store. Therefore the brand’s innovative and trend-focused values need to be a reflection of how they position themselves online.

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24 August 2012

Why are more brands choosing to sponsor music festivals?

By Roger Hyslop

The number of festivals may have dropped due to the Olympics, but this year nearly 150 music events will take place and it seems brands are still battling for a piece of the action.

Nikon UK, for example, announced this week its sponsorship of the Reading Festival which takes place from August 24-26. It made this last minute commitment with the main objective of promoting its ‘I AM Nikon’ message to a younger audience. Luckily for the camera giant, recent research shows that around 65% of music festival goers believe brands improve the festival experience.

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22 August 2012

Targeting the youth market on Facebook

By Cream Editorial 

Facebook has become a part of everyday life for many young people and students, but Facebook advertising seems to be unappealing to the youth market.

More than 90% of young consumers in the UK are not interested in making ecommerce purchases from Facebook, recent research from The Beans Group has shown.

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16 August 2012

The challenge of ‘eastern’ brands going west

By Crispin Reed


The challenge of 'eastern' brands going west is not a new one. It wasn't that long ago – well only a couple of decades ago, that Japanese products, be they electronic goods or cars, were seen as cheaper, poorer quality imitations of western brands. And it was even more recently that Daewoo cars and Samsung electronics (both from Korea) suffered the same issues. But look at those brands now. Samsung, in particular, is doing exceptionally well having recently launched gesture-controlled plasma screen TVs.

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What makes a video viral?

By Cream Editorial 

Video has become increasingly important over the years and few ad campaigns are complete without one. But what makes videos go ‘viral’? So far this year there has been a rise in online video marketing, especially with the US election campaigns and the Olympic Games, but other brands have been infiltrating the viral charts and leaving a big mark.

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09 August 2012

Olympic Brandalism in action!

As someone who has fallen foul of the draconian Olympic branding laws that prevent you from mentioning practically anything to do with the Olympics unless you work for VISA or Coca-Cola, I found this slap in the face for the IOC particularly entertaining. 



For those of you that haven't heard, the Olympic branding guidlines handbook contains two lists: 'A' and 'B'. List A contains words like 'London', '2012', 'Twenty Twelve', 'Olympics', while List B has words like 'medals', 'gold', 'silver' and so on. The guidelines make the peculiar ruling that using one word from List A together with one or more words from List B probably means that you're infringing the Olympic brand if you use it for commercial purposes. 

The same guidlines go on to intimate that even if you avoid all the words in List A or B, you could still be doing something wrong. 

Maybe this act of brandalism was sponsored by Dr Dre...?

Social Media goes for gold at the Olympics

By Cream Editorial

Brands are spending a lot of money on advertising and social media throughout the Olympics, and with good reason. The shift in the way that people use social media since the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing has been monumental. Social media has become a part of everyday life for many people so it makes sense for brands to use it to their advantage.

Over the past four years the number of social media users has dramatically increased, Facebook has gone from 100mto almost 1bn users, and Twitter registrations have shot from 6m to 500m.

The number of people using social media isn’t the only thing that’s changed, coverage of the games itself and the way people want to view events like the Olympics has undergone a significant shift. This infographic from The Wall (below) is a great illustration of how social media has overtaken print and television as the most popular way to keep afloat of the games.


Twitter has become an integral part of the Olympics coverage. The BBC has shown athlete’s tweets across its broadcasts and on the BBC’s Olympic homepage. This demonstrates how important Twitter has become, in the UK it has become completely normal to see Twitter feeds on websites or television programmes or to be given a hashtag to use while watching TV.

The Olympics Hub provides an easy way to follow your favourite athletes and the games in general.  The hub allows users to sign up via Facebook or Twitter and shows visitors the top followed athletes for featured athletes for each day. The search facility filters queries by athlete, event, sport or discipline ensuring users find exactly what they’re after.

The official Olympic sponsors have been making the most of these changes and it seems to be paying off.

McDonalds is the most associated brand with the games. In the run up to the Olympics from January to July McDonalds was mentioned 90,911 times in conversations about the Olympics.

Samsung, with the help of Olympic Ambassador David Beckham, has also generated over 1,000 tweets about David Beckham and 22,519 general tweets and 15,210 blog posts mentioned the brand in association with the Olympics.

Coca-Cola has also been pulling out all the stops with its advertising in the months leading up to the games. Having been associated with the Olympics for 83 years Coca-Cola has launched its biggest ever Olympics advertising campaign for 2012. ‘Move to the Beat’ enlisted the help of Mark Ronson to create an original track for the campaign and he produced ‘Anywhere in the World’, sung by Katy B, to represent the individuals and sports involved in the Olympics. This campaign helped to ensure that Coca-Cola was one of the most recognised brands associated with the Olympics, 60,271 Twitter users also shared the image of the Olympic inspired Coca-Cola cans. 


Infographic via The Wall.

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