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09 August 2012

Olympic Brandalism in action!


As someone who has fallen foul of the draconian Olympic branding laws that prevent you from mentioning practically anything to do with the Olympics unless you work for VISA or Coca-Cola, I found this slap in the face for the IOC particularly entertaining. 



For those of you that haven't heard, the Olympic branding guidlines handbook contains two lists: 'A' and 'B'. List A contains words like 'London', '2012', 'Twenty Twelve', 'Olympics', while List B has words like 'medals', 'gold', 'silver' and so on. The guidelines make the peculiar ruling that using one word from List A together with one or more words from List B probably means that you're infringing the Olympic brand if you use it for commercial purposes. 

The same guidlines go on to intimate that even if you avoid all the words in List A or B, you could still be doing something wrong. 

Maybe this act of brandalism was sponsored by Dr Dre...?


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