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10 posts from October 2012

26 October 2012

How online and social media is helping traditional channels to evolve

By Pete Davis


 ‘Traditional marketing channels are dead’. This is the cry that we hear repeatedly from digital evangelists, who tell us that our more established channels of communication are being swallowed by online media platforms, sidelined into becoming one small, insignificant part of an overall mix that has digital at its heart.


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25 October 2012

How Iceland opened its doors to the world

 Caroline Rixson 

After the economic collapse in Iceland, tourism replaced banking as the most important industry for the country. But then the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in April 2010, and tourism to Iceland plummeted; The country, the size of Kentucky with a population of only 318,000, needed to turn the tide of negative opinion quickly and sparingly in time for the summer season.



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22 October 2012

Video of the Week

This week's clip is from Fancy Mike, and the promo for his track "Miami Vice" https://vimeo.com/51184657

It's a glorious neon retro beauty that confirms http://alexandre-louvenaz.com/ as the daddy of current lo-fi CPU graphic fun.

19 October 2012

The value of brands working with charities

By Chrissy Beck,


It’s common knowledge that high profile brands support charities. The big guns (think McDonalds, P&G, Coca Cola) support a number of different charities and implement various different projects to contribute to struggling causes. Some smaller brands often choose to work with one specific charity that is representative of their own voice, or one that is relevant to their product target audience.

Brands and charity image

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18 October 2012

Bodyform: the best response ever to a Facebook rant?

By Jenni Baker

A lady’s ‘time of the month’ is quite the taboo subject and for men in particular, a topic that should be avoided at all costs when they are around.

Richard Neill is an exception.

Richard Neill became an overnight viral sensation when he decided to take to Facebook to vent his anger towards Bodyform for using the slogan ‘Have a Happy Period’ in its advertising. That one post has racked up more than 86,743 likes and more than 3,735 comments. And it’s absolutely hilarious:

Bodyform facebook post

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15 October 2012

Is Red Bull's Stratos mission the greatest marketing stunt ever?

Red Bull’s latest media stunt has gone all the way to the edge of space and broken three world records, as well as being the ultimate advert for Red Bull.

On October 14 2012 Felix Baumgartner became the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound, reaching a maximum velocity of 83.9mph (1,343km/h). Baumgartner has already broken several world records for base jumping and is a licensed gas balloon and helicopter pilot. But his latest mission saw the Austrian transcend limits that have been in place for 50 years.


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09 October 2012

Flying Lotus

By Mike Woods, Framestore

This week's clip is a new pop promo for Flying Lotus. Director Cyriak is a cult hero in the Framestore office and his DIY animation approach leaves literally no space left on a screen. An underground star in the marking. 


05 October 2012

Is News International's new ad model fit for purpose?

While News International’s move to automate the process of transferring ads from print to digital is moving in the right direction as publishers seek to monetise digital and mobile platforms, Mark Inskip wonders whether it goes far enough.


 News International’s recent announcement of its plans to roll out a new advertising model – which it describes as "a pioneering approach … that breaks down traditional barriers between print and digital" – certainly shows that it is taking its mobile platforms seriously.

News Int's CEO Mockridge unveils 'groundbreaking' print to digital ad conversion

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