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13 November 2012

Red Bull number one in the top 100 social video chart


Red Bull has been awarded the number one spot as the best global brand in social video strategy in Goviral’s new report: ‘The Global Social Video Equity Top 100’. The report measures brands on their effectiveness in branded content within the social media space.

Goviral blog post

The Red Bull Stratos campaign won huge media coverage and became a viral phenomenon with its video of the highest ever skydive by daredevil Felix Baumgartner who broke the speed of sound with the stunt. Clearly, Baumgartner had the world’s eyes on him, and with it, helped Red Bull pull off one of the biggest global marketing stunts ever.

The top ten social video brands, according to Goviral’s report are: 

1. Red Bull
2. Google
3. Disney
4. Nike
5. Samsung
6. Old Spice
7. Prada
8. Coca Cola
9. Nintendo
10. Adidas

Click on each brand name to see the case study and creative on Cream. To unlock up to four other case studies on Cream, register for a free trial.


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i see this side photos and man very nice this side man i like this man .very good.

How about prada and gucci?

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