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23 July 2013

Ode to the Royal Baby: Top 10 ads


Who would have thought that one little bundle of joy born on the little old island of the UK would attract so much media attention around the world? Well if you are a #RoyalBaby, then what more can be expected? Since the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital on the morning of July 22, Twitter has been inundated with more than 900,000 hashtag mentions of #RoyalBaby and just minutes after the birth, Twitter recorded more than 25,300 Tweets per minute. And that’s just Twitter. If we go over to Facebook, the social network saw more than one million global mentions during the hour after the birth of the new heir to the British throne.

And with so much buzz being generated around the world, it’s no surprise that brands wanted to get a piece of the action. And while hundreds of advertisers have tried to cash in on the royal news, we’ve counted down our top 10 favourite ads released in the hours following the news.

10. Oreo – Long Live the Crème

After Oreo’s real-time reaction to the blackout at the Super Bowl in the US earlier this year, we’re not surprised the brand was just as quick to react to the Royal Baby news. Declaring that the ‘royal bottle service’ should be prepared, its simple execution featured an image of a warm bottle of milk placed on a plush red cushion accompanied by… well, an Oreo cookie of course.


9. Air New Zealand – Travel by stork is so last year

On the other side of the world, New Zealand’s national airline Air New Zealand shared a heart-warming congratulatory message to Kate and Wills with the strapline ‘Travel by stork is so last year’.

Air new zealand

8. Marks & Spencer – Royal Etiquette Guide

Marks & Spencer responded to the news with a series of images involving baby boys giving the new Prince some etiquette advice.


7. Diet Coke – A Little Toast

Diet Coke got in the act with an ad featuring a Diet Coke can and a crown with the strapline ‘A little toast to the little highness’. Surely a drink fit for a king?

Diet coke

6. Magnum - #MiniRoyal

In fabulously British style, Unilever’s ice-cream brand Magnum reacted to the news with a with a congratulations ad featuring a prince and princess Magnum with an additional baby Magnum with its own hashtag #MiniRoyal. Pretty timely, considering it was one of the hottest days ever recorded in the UK yesterday!


5. Warburtons – One’s bun is done

Playing on the clever ‘bun in the oven’ slang term, Warburtons ran with an ad congratulating the royal family on adding a new addition to the family.


4. Pampers – Every Baby is a Little Prince or Princess

This one definitely wins in terms of the cute factor. This YouTube video celebrates all the little prince and princesses in the world and invites parents to share photos of their own on the Pampers Facebook page.

3. Charmin – Royal Throne

Need we say more…


2. Coca-Cola – Share a Coke with Wills and Kate

Right in tune with its current ‘Share a Coke’ campaign running in the UK, Coca-Cola was among the first global brands to toast the new parents with a congratulatory image featuring two Coke bottles – one with Kate and one with Wills on it – to share a coke with.

Coca cola

And the winner is…

1. Starbucks – And then there were three

In a way that only Starbucks can do, our favourite is by far the royal baby tweet shared on Twitter from the Starbucks UK account minutes after the news. Interestingly, the brand didn’t hop on the #RoyalBaby hashtag, but still, it managed to gain more than 1,000 retweets and more than 600 favourites.



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