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19 November 2013

Epic Fail: #askjpm from JP Morgan


After the recent Twitter debacles from British Gas and Guinness (both covered in Cream - click here for British Gas and here for Guinness), you'd think more big firms would be steering clear of going too crazy with social media campaigns in which the public are invited to interact. However, banking giant JP Morgan decided that it would be a good idea to take to Twitter with the hashtag '#askjpm' on Wednesday morning and, alas, the Twittersphere decided to create a backlash (as reported on M&M Global).

It's a familiar story of recent and one that media folk at JP Morgan surely should have expected, but, clearly, they've not learned from the mistakes of those before them whatsoever. Check out some of the highlights below.

All of this does beg the question why JP Morgan thought this would be a good idea. Certain companies must realise that they're not the most popular on Earth. One would think that particularly multinational financial institutions, whose recent press has all been of a nature relating to the fecklessness of their staff in trading rooms and their profligate lending causing housing foreclosures the world over, would have an idea. Surely opening themselves up to Twitter and asking members of a global general public still reeling from their actions/attempting to move on with bitter tastes in their mouths was never going to be the best idea and would only end one way? 

Maybe JP Morgan genuinely believed that people would want to engage with their little game of social networking face-saving. If they did, they've been at best naive and at worst stupidly complacent. In any case, one suspects they shan't be entering into anything similar any time soon.

By Luke Cloherty, Cream Global


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