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20 December 2013

Cream's top campaigns of 2013


Every year over here at Cream we see an incredible amount of outstanding media campaigns and 2013 has been no different. Take a look at our top five from this year:

Real Beauty Sketches


Statistics show that only 4% of women actually feel beautiful. Dove's intention via this campaign was to make the remaining 96% feel the same way. An FBI-trained sketch artist was asked to draw women’s portraits according to their own descriptions. The artist, who had never seen the women before, initially relied on descriptions by strangers to create the portraits. He then sketched them again by listening to the women’s own descriptions of themselves. The two portraits looked entirely different. The campaign caused dove’s fan-base and social media platforms to go through the roof, it was shortlisted six times at the Festival of Media LatAm 2013 and won the ‘best engagement’ category. To see the full campaign click here.



Puerto Rico recorded the most violent year in its history at the end of 2011. It registered 1,136 murders at a rate of 30.5 murders per 100,000 inhabitants – the highest number on the island since 1940. At the centre of this domestic warfare were Puerto Rico’s young adults who, like young adults everywhere, resisted the voices of authority. Starcom MediaVest Group convinced the Puerto Rico Correctional and Rehabilitation Department to allow Twitter communication between convicted felons and free citizens. Followers could interact with inmates and learn how grim life behind bars really was. The campaign was shortlisted a total of nine times at the Festival of Media Latam 2013 and The Festival of Media Global. It also won both the ‘best social media campaign’ and ‘the creative use of media’ categories at LatAm and the ‘best social media campaign’ at Global. To see the full campaign click here.

A Million Reasons To Believe In Thailand


The soft drinks market is fiercely competitive in Thailand. Coke was a stagnant number two at 24%, well behind Pepsi which was at 40%. To add insult to injury, Coke sales were heavily affected at the end of 2011 from some of the worst floods in Thailand’s history, isolating two thirds of the population and submerging buildings and factories under water. Bangkok was paralyzed and Coke ran out of stock as manufacturing was brought to a halt. Initiative set up the first and largest 4D interactive illumination display, integrating light, sound, animation and effects on one of the tallest buildings in the heart of Bangkok to serve as a beacon of hope that could be seen across the entire city.  Consumers were invited to send their stories how they overcame their personal tragedy and send encouraging messages that appeared on the building in real time. National pride picked up.  Everyone felt a sense of belonging as they shared their stories and messages on social network sites, becoming an online phenomenon.  A total of 137 million engagements transpired over the Coke Facebook page, which became the central storage of happiness stories. The campaign was shortlisted a total of six times at the Festival of Media Global and Festival of Media Asia. It also won ‘the creative use of media’ award, ‘the public service award’ and ‘campaign of the year’. To see the full campaign click here.

 First Potable Water Billboard


The University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC) in Peru wanted to be known as the university that combines science, technology and innocation. It also wanted to demonstrate that innovative engineers can design successful solutions to real-world problems. The Media Connection.BPN campaign consisted of identifying highly populated areas around Lima that were suffering from a lack of potable clean water and installing multiple ‘first ever’ water billboards. One example was Bujama, a town in the south of Peru, where the first water billboard was installed. The billboard panel trapped the moisture in the air and conveted it into drinking water for the Bujama population. It gave the Peruvian families an improved quality of life. The campaign won ‘the public service award’ at both the Festival of Media Global and the Festival of Media LatAm 2013.  To see the full campaign click here.

 ASOS #Bestnightever


In December 2013, Carat was briefed by ASOS to deliver a media plan that would help the brand continue its impressive growth over the cluttered Christmas period. Carat launched the entire Christmas season clothing range by creating three unique music videos featuring Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding who have their own distinctive social following on both sides of the Atlantic and had new singles to promote in the build up to Christmas.  By using a technology that enabled users to click and instantly buy the features items in the music videos, all digital platforms turned into ASOS shops. Carat optimised the content’s performance in real-time and generated $7m of incremental sales, delivering ASOS’ best sales results ever. The music videos went on to achieve seven million YouTube views and increased sales of the featured products in the three weeks leading up to Christmas. #Bestnightever won ‘campaign of the year’, ‘best entertainment platform’ and ‘best use of emerging technology ‘ at the Festival of Media Global 2013. To see the full campaign click here


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