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16 March 2015

Top 5 Augmented Reality Outdoor Campaigns



Augmented reality isn’t necessarily a new concept in outdoor advertising. Back in 2011, Lynx used the technology for their Fallen Angels campaign in London, Victoria Station, where virtual angels fell to earth via the station’s big screen.

Here are 5 recent examples of innovative outdoor campaigns that are using augmented reality technology to add a new dimension to their experiential and guerrilla marketing.

Skoda Fabia

In February 2015 at London’s Waterloo Station, passers-by were able to interact with a touch screen display and customise their own version of the Skoda Fabia. With 14 colours, 5 interiors and 3 concepts to choose from, once they’d chosen from one of 90 possible designs, the customised vehicle appeared on the screen in real time. A great example of how AR can give consumers more control during a campaign.


Cadbury ‘Free The Joy’

The motion screen at Waterloo Station is proving popular for these kinds of campaigns. In June 2014, Cadbury used it for their ‘Free The Joy’ campaign. It gave people the chance to play an interactive game where they could ‘catch’ virtual versions of whatever gave them joy floating above their heads. Winners received the object of their joy made out of Cadbury chocolate. This really shows how you can use the interactivity of the technology to get your customers in on the action.

National Geographic

This isn’t that recent, but it’s certainly impressive. We move away from London but remain in a train station, probably the preferred venue for AR campaigns because of the sheer volume of passing traffic, for National Geographic’s campaign. They used the big screen in Rotterdam Centraal to allow people to interact with astronauts, leopards and even dinosaurs! A perfect illustration of the way AR can add a bit of fun to a brand’s campaign.

BroadcastAR Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC from INDE Appshaker on Vimeo.

The Walking Dead

Movie and TV promotions have really embraced augmented reality technology in outdoor advertising. Here’s the first of two examples from across the world. In January 2015, a tram stop in Vienna was transformed into a ‘scary shelter’ and repeatedly invaded by virtual zombies! It was to promote the new season of The Walking Dead and shows just how immersive this technology can be.

Into The Storm

In Sydney’s Chinatown, a seemingly normal movie poster for the movie ‘Into The Storm’ was actually a plasma screen. Augmented reality software added some tornado related destruction to the street scene as viewed through the screen. Similar to the Pepsi Max ‘Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ campaign, it showcases just how engaging AR can be when executed well.

The Future of AR?

With many brands adding elements of augmented and virtual reality into their campaigns and events, what’s likely to be the next stage of this exciting technology? With Google Glass put on hold, one possible option is the rather mysterious sounding Magic Leap. Having received funding from Google, amongst others, the start-up recently filed a patent for what they describe as ‘cinematic reality’. As amazing as it sounds, their system apparently projects images onto the user’s retina from apps on a mobile device! How soon this technology becomes a reality is debatable, but anything that allows consumers and customers to have more control and interaction with a brand is going to make event and outdoor marketing a lot more interesting and exciting.

By Ceri Gravelle, Managing Director at eventeem


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