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26 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: Which brands made the podium?


Coca-Cola, the longest-standing sponsor of the Olympics, was the most successful brand sponsor at Rio 2016, with the best performing TV ads among US viewers, according to a recent study by Google.

Based on an analysis of the top 12 most advertised brands based on NBC’s broadcasts of this year’s summer games, Coca-Cola’s “That’s Gold” campaign performed the best across the board with strong full-funnel performance placing based on analysis across three specific areas of performance.

Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign also performed well, proving to be the most memorable ad series with almost 35% of respondents citing that they recalled seeing the ads. Coca-Cola came in a close second with almost 33% recalling the ads, followed by Tide (23%), McDonald’s (21%) and Samsung (21%).

On average, respondents who saw the ads were 27% more positive about the associated brands than those who did not, according to the study. At the same time, those who saw the ads were 32% more likely to find out more and/or purchase the product being advertised.

Google also found that some of the TV ads led viewers to search Google for more information on the brands, products or topics related to the commercials they saw. During the broadcasts, TV ad driven searches were almost exclusively carried out on mobile. “83% of searches on Google as a result of seeing the ads occurred on phones and another 10% occurred on tablets, making a second screen strategy key to TV advertising,” said Google, in a blog post. 

The top performer in this area was BMW which was searched 3.2 times more than the average of the 12 brands in the study. Viewers searched Coca-Cola topics twice as much as others while McDonald’s drove 1.5 times more TV-ad related searches than the average.


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