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16 September 2016

5 tips for brand collaboration with content creators


Brands should focus on content creativity if they want to increase their sales. Well that’s the lesson that came out of a new piece research from Yahoo, unveiled at Dmexco this week.

The study, which focused on the attitudes of Tumblr users towards brand content, found that more than two thirds (68%) of daily users in the UK and Germany are more likely to buy from brands that share content they like on social media. In fact, almost three quarters (74%) of respondents agreed that brands can sometimes come up with the most entertaining content. A further 70% said that the source of content doesn’t matter, as long as it provides value and is something they want to read or watch.

The power of influencers was perhaps the most interesting of the findings. Three in four daily Tumblr users feel closer to a brand when it uses influencers to reach them. [Note from Cream Ed: Check out the winner of the brand new for 2016: Best Use of an Influencer category at this year’s M&M Global Awards].

Off the back of the new research, Yahoo has offered five guiding principles to for brands to consider when collaborating with content creators. Check them out below:

1. Understand that consumers love brands
Two thirds of daily Tumblr users like brands that respond and engage with them personally on social media. They’re already open to brand engagement, so working to create the most engaging and creative content you can is a winning strategy from the outset.

2. Choose the right partner
Not every content creator will be right for you. Before working together, make sure you research any creator’s previous work, voice, and visual aesthetic to ensure they fit with your brand. Remember, both advertisers and influencers should benefit: Advertisers should help influencers to develop their brand and grow their audience, while influencers should help brands to create and promote impactful content. A symbiotic relationship.

3. Make it a two-way relationship
There’s a balance to be struck in any relationship. When it comes to brands and creators, communication should be regular and in both directions. Be transparent with your creators and work with them, not above them.

4. Embrace mutual creativity
You must make sure that creators have creative freedom. Yes, they are creating content for your brand, but in order for it to resonate with their audience, it needs to be right for them too. You want them to create their own content with your brand in mind, rather than heavily branded content that doesn’t fit their usual style. Trust that they know their audience and what will work for them.

5. Remember this is business
While creators will choose brands they want to work with, and believe in, this is still a business relationship. Offer meaningful perks, such as brand tools and resources to help elevate their content, and remember that ‘exposure’ is not a valid method of payment.


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