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15 August 2017

What responsibility do brands have towards mental health?

The statistics are quite staggering. Every year one in four people suffers from some form of mental health problem (Mind). Mental health is also the leading cause of sick leave in the UK, costing the average employer £1,035 per employee per year. Yet the stigma attached to mental health issues mean 95% of employees who call in sick with stress citing a different reason (Time to Change).

Fortunately, attitudes are changing and mental health is increasingly in the public eye. The NHS has pledged to transform mental health services by 2020, with an ambition of putting mental health on an equal footing to physical health. Coupled with celebrities and royals alike speaking out about personal experience, mental health is becoming less and less of a taboo subject.

This is particularly important for younger generations who aren’t growing up in the ‘stiff upper lip’ mind set of eras gone by. Celebrities and Royals, from Lady Gaga to Ryan Reynolds to Stephen Fry to Prince Harry, have all spoken out about their personal struggles (whether depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or one of the many associated illnesses), making themselves role models and helping to normalise the subject. This, in conjunction with increased government spend and campaigning, means we are now, finally, living in the real world with respect to mental health, with its full impact starting to be recognised and taken seriously.

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11 August 2017

Innovative Ad of the Week: Chevrolet 'Trucks Jump' (Brazil)

When it comes to advertising for the automotive sector, brands can't go wrong with a good stunt. 
Remember back in 2013 when Volvo used Jean-Claude Van Damme to perform 'The Epic Split' as part of its 'Live Test Series' to demonstrate the precision steering feature on its new Volvo Trucks?
Well now Chevrolet has taken a leaf out of that same book and launched a pretty epic ad of its own to celebrate 50 years of the Camaro. 

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08 August 2017

The Rise of Influencer Marketing [infographic]


We all know the power of influencer marketing but why has it become such a popular marketing tactic?  

According to a new infographic by Influencer Marketing Hub, there's a bunch of reasons why – so much so that 67% of marketers are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next 12 months, 84% of marketers judge it to be effective and 55% believe they get better customers as a result.   

For more insights, check out the full infographic below:

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04 August 2017

OOH Ad of the Week: Sony 'The Emoji Movie' (USA)

Emoji 7

To celebrate the cinematic release of The Emoji Movie, Sony teamed up with Lamar Advertising for a quirky and fun digital out of home campaign that automatically displays a contextually relevant ad triggered by the current traffic and weather conditions. 

The ad creative features a range of different characters from the movie whose emotions reflect the present situation and has been running across Lamar's digital billboards in Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston and Orlando.  

Check out a selection of the ads below:

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01 August 2017

127 things you probably didn't know about video marketing [infographic]


Anyone working in our industry knows the power of video marketing for getting your brand message out to the masses but we stumbled across an interesting infographic put together by websitebuilder.org.uk that uncovers some fascinating insights about video that you might not already know. 

Check it out below for 127 facts about video marketing that might just give you a couple of nuggets of information that you need before planning your next online video campaign. 

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