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31 October 2017

Festival of Media LatAm Award Winners 2017


Initiative has been awarded 'Agency Network of the Year' and Initiative Argentina 'Agency of the Year' at the Festival of Media LatAm Awards 2017 after winning 17 out of the 22 categories revealed during the 'Dance of the Dead' awards show on October 30 at the Turnberry Isle in Miami, USA. 

As a result of the group's success on the night, IPG Mediabrands walked away with the 'Media Group of the Year' title. 

A total of 56 trophies were given out during the awards show, with the coveted 'Campaign of the Year' awarded to MediaCom Mexico for Victoria's 'Hotel of Legends' alongside five other trophies. 

Proving its regional appeal, the awards saw winners from 11 countries, with Mexico leading the way with 13 wins, followed by Colombia with eight, the US and Argentina with seven each and Brazil with six trophies. 

Chair of the Jury, Daniela Cachich, Marketing Vice-President for PepsiCo Brazil, commented: "It was an honour to be the chair of this year's Festival of Media LatAm Awards. The work has been very inspiring and of a high standard and the jury had very rich and interesting discussions to find the best work of the region."

Check out the full list of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners below: 

Best Communications Strategy  

Gold - Cristal Barrio (Cristal / Initiative – Peru)  
Silver - A new Axe for a new man (Axe / Initiative – Uruguay)  
Bronze - Turn On Samsung - emPRENDÉ Samsung (Samsung 360 / Reprise – Uruguay) 
Best Engagement Strategy  

Gold - Gatorade 5v5 (Gatorade / MKTG – US)  
Silver - Anti Abuse Dolls (Amnesty International / Kausa Havas – Paraguay)  
BronzeSuaventuras (Suave Kids / Initiative – Argentina)  

Best Event/Experiential Campaign 

Gold - Bringing to Mexico the North Pole Star (Coca-Cola / MediaCom – Mexico) 
SilverHotel of Legends (Victoria / MediaCom – Mexico) 
BronzeA Christmas Flight (LATAM Airlines / Graphene – Argentina)  

Best Launch Campaign 

Gold - The Opening (H&M / UM – Colombia)  
Silver - Turn On Samsung - emPRENDÉ Samsung (Samsung 360 / Reprise – Uruguay)  
BronzeProject Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman / MediaCom – US)  

Best Social Media Strategy 

Gold - Noticias Como Arroz / Bad News Spreading as Rice (Arroz Diana / MediaCom – Colombia) 
SilverA Priceless Journey (Mastercard – LatAm)  

Best Use of an Influencer  

Gold - EqualiTV (La Sirena / OMD – Dominican Republic) 
Silver - A new Axe for a new man (Axe / Initiative – Uruguay)  
Bronze - Mother's Day (Rosatel / Fluvip Group – Colombia) 

Best Use of Content  

Gold - Hotel of Legends (Victoria / MediaCom – Mexico)  
Silver - Team Guaranie (Pilsen / Kausa Havas – Paraguay)  
BronzeCry in Spanish 2.0 (Orange is the New Black Season 5 / Netflix – LatAm) 

Best Use of Data  

Bronze - Sprite Born to Refresh (Sprite / MediaCom – Mexico) 

Best Use of Digital Platforms 

Gold - Dove Programmatic Colours (Dove / Initiative – Argentina)  
Silver - The Colour Of Corruption (Vigie Aqui / Grey – Brazil)  
BronzeThe Coolest Way To Freeze Hunger (Mordisko / Initiative – Mexico) 

Best Use of Programmatic 

Gold - Dove Programmatic Colours (Dove / Initiative – Argentina)  
Silver - Digital Advertising For The Real World (BMW / Initiative – Mexico)  
Bronze - The Coolest Way To Freeze Hunger (Mordisko / Initiative – Mexico)  

Best Use of Traditional Media 

Gold - Snickers – Debate (Snickers / MediaCom – Puerto Rico)  
SilverCristal Barrio (Cristal / Initiative – Peru)  
BronzeEverybody Wants To Be Batman (LEGO) (Warner Bros. Pictures / Initiative – Mexico)  

Brands for Good Award 

Gold - Anti Abuse Dolls (Amnesty International / Kausa Havas – Paraguay) 
SilverAnonymous Friend (Alcoholics Anonymous / J.Walter Thompson – Brazil)  
Bronze - Life Line (Agencia nacional de vias / Havas Creative – Colombia)  

*NEW* Best Campaign for a Local Brand  

Gold - EqualiTV (La Sirena / OMD – Dominican Republic)  
Silver - Hotel of Legends (Victoria / MediaCom – Mexico) 
Bronze - Estrategia CERO Comisiones (Colpatria / OMD – Colombia) 

*NEW* Best Integrated Campaign 

Gold - Gatorade 5v5 (Gatorade / OMD Latin America – US)  
Silver - Ala Sustainable Campaign (Ala / Initiative – Argentina)  

*NEW* Best Sponsorship Activation  

Gold - Olympic Moms (P&G Master Brand / Grey – Brazil)  
Silver - Bombo De Mi Corazón / Heart Beat Drum (Huawei Sponsorship / MediaCom – Colombia)  
BronzeNFL Halftime on ESPN Brazil (IFOOD / ESPN – Brazil)  

*NEW* Best Use of Ambient Media  

Gold - Bombo De Mi Corazón / Heart Beat Drum (Huawei Sponsorship / MediaCom – Colombia)  
Bronze -  Skip Mirror (Skip / Initiative – Argentina)  

*NEW* Best Use of New Technology 

Gold - Anonymous Friend (Alcoholics Anonymous / J.Walter Thompson – Brazil)  
BronzeSABI Chef Bot (Knorr / Initiative – Colombia) 

*NEW* Best Use of Real-time Marketing 

Gold - API To Feed (LATAM Airlines / Reprise – Chile)  
SilverThe Worst Offer on Black Friday (La Sirena / OMD – Dominican Republic)  
BronzeHow to manage a crisis with a smile (Paleta Payaso / Ricolino / Starcom – Mexico) 

*NEW* Content Creator Award  

Gold - A Priceless Journey (Mastercard / Facebook – LatAm)  

*NEW* Effective Use of e-Commerce  

SilverBeso Secreto (Hersheys Kisses / UM – Mexico)  
BronzeFrom a family business to a global company (LifeCell – US)  

The Creative Use of Media Award  

Gold - Poosters (Bepantol Baby / J.Walter Thompson – Brazil)  
SilverSnickers – Debate (Snickers / MediaCom – Puerto Rico)  
BronzeBringing to Mexico the North Pole Star (Coca-Cola / MediaCom – Mexico) 

The Effectiveness Award 

Gold - The Coolest Way To Freeze Hunger (Mordisko / Initiative – Mexico)  
SilverShell LATAM Pass Launch (Shell LATAM Pass / MediaCom – Argentina) 


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