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23 March 2018

Innovative Ad of the Week: Testicular Cancer Canada ‘#LetsTalkBalls’ (Canada)


Testicular cancer canada

Ahead of Testicular Cancer Awareness month in April, Testicular Cancer Canada is getting ballsy with its advertising (literally) with a new campaign encouraging men #LetsTalkBalls.

Created by agency Giants & Gentlemen, the series of ads personify a pair of testicles as talking heads, discussing the ups and downs of living as a pair of balls. It ends with the tagline: “Your balls have a lot to say” as a way to encourage men to check regularly for lumps or irregularities.


The ads will feature in strategic media placements throughout April and May. For example donated ad space from PornHub features the testicles lamenting that no one touched the guy’s testicles in the video they just watched, missing an opportunity to find a lump. Another, displayed on video boards in men’s washrooms, features the pair of testicles commenting on the viewer’s private parts before telling them how often to check them themselves.

A statement on the non-profit organisation's website reads: “Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men. It’s a subject matter that leaves many guys embarrassed. But if we lessen the stigma and get more guys talking about their nuts, well that’ll save many more lives. In fact, if testicular cancer is caught early enough, men have a 97% chance of survival. #LetsTalkBalls.”

Check out the series of ads below:

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