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31 October 2014

Dear Jeff Bezos...


Dear Jeff Bezos,

Your latest financial earnings report really got me thinking. Why do people buy from Amazon today? Two reasons spring to mind:

1. Because Amazon is convenient (customers know they will find everything they need, at a good price that they don’t have to spend hours comparing).

2. Because Amazon is reliable (fast delivery and easy returns process).

In short, Amazon is easy and you know you won’t be disappointed. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

Differentiation is great, but it’s only necessary in a few relevant aspects. Being the first to do ‘XYZ’ may be cool, but online shopping has grown up and today people don’t buy from you because it’s cool - they buy from you because it’s easy and they won’t be disappointed.

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02 September 2014

Emirates highlights fashion credentials by ‘bagging’ its advertising


Guess which brand has just transformed one 208 square metre poster into over 300 quirky, reusable shopping bags? That would be Emirates…

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15 October 2013

The world's first potable water billboard explained

We love a bit inovation in out of home. And just when you think you've seen it all, the University of Technology and Engineering (UETC) surprised us with a fantastic example of utility marketing using the outdoor medium. With the help of BPN and Clear Channel, families in Peru were given access to potable water through... wait for it... yes, a billboard.

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10 October 2013

The magic of Zumba: Alberto Perlman

When I hear the words “workout” or “fitness”, I automatically tune out. But if I hear the word “Zumba”… Well that’s a whole other story; Latin music, dancing… that’s a party I will happily join!

The story of Zumba is quite inspirational. Who would have imagined that it started out as a single Zumba class in a Latin America gym in 2001 and today it’s a global phenomenon.

Zumba Fitness chief executive and co-founder Alberto Perlman was at The Festival of Media LatAm last month speaking in a session entitled ‘When a Brand Becomes a Lifestyle’. The team caught up with him afterwards to discuss the challenges of taking a local brand global.

06 January 2012

Vending beyond the buttons

Vending machines, especially when deployed in the variety and scale they are in Japan, offer and effective push-button shopping alternative. But society evolves and retail practices with it, so now for those occasions when the idea of pressing buttons on a vending machine is just too much to bear, Asahi drinks has produced a WI-FI enabled vending machine.


But offering a simple wireless connection to a Wi-Fi enabled device to aid with product selection is only part of the genius. Each of the Asahi drinks machines will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing a number of devices to get online at the same time, for up to 30 minutes each. The vending machine's home page will offer links to product details and local area information. Currently there are 1,000 machines to be rolled out over the coming year. 

Spotted on Japantrends.com



26 September 2011

Cream Daily: Google partners with CBS Outdoor for UK trials

Sony, French Connection, L’Oréal, Garnier and Samsung have collaborated with Google and CBS Outdoor UK to trial an initiative combining outdoor ads with online content through the mobile service Google Goggles. As part of the experiment, Google and CBS Outdoor UK will enable Goggles’ recognition on many out-of-home ads running on the CBS Outdoor network. Read the full story here.

Google cbs

In other news, Corona Extra and MTV have partnered for an underwater gig as part of the 'extraordinary experiences' campaign that the bottled lager brand has been running on Facebook. Read more here.

P&G unveils new social and environmental commitments at Clinton Global Initiative. Procter & Gamble has made three new commitments to improve the lives of millions of families across the globe, as revealed at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative. Discover more here.

31 August 2011

Pringles in Asia: Same but different

Pringles were featured on Cream recently for an excellent European campaign that allowed consumers to collect on-pack coupons and exchange them for some nifty speakers. But the stroke of genius that got the case study into Cream was the idea that the speaker could be attached to the famous Pringles tube, creating a ersatz speaker system that can be connected to an MP3 player - perfect for groups of friends enjoying music outdoors. 

Read the full case study and watch the video on Cream here. (This case study is free to view for a limited time only)

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20 April 2011

Campaign of the week: Messages for Japan

Messages for Japan 2

Messages for Japan, Global | Google | Fantastic Interactive

A month after the catastrophic tsunami in Japan, the clean-up and aid operation continues apace. To help keep the aid effort front of mind, and keep people around the world involved in the recovery effort, Google has launched Messages for Japan. This is an online campaign designed to relay sentiments of encouragement from people around the globe to those affected by the recent crisis in Japan. A person from anywhere in the world can type a message of support in their native tongue, and the Messages for Japan site will use Google Translate to automatically translate any one of 57 languages into Japanese. Visitors to the site can post messages and read the messages of others posted from around the globe in their original language or in Japanese. The messages can also be viewed plotted across a world map and shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and the Japanese social networking site Mixi.

The site is very clean, and evokes the key elements of Japanese design. The message map is beautiful. Powered by Google Maps, each message is represented by a muted-pink dot, which expands to reveal the message as you move your mouse across the page. The site also allows visitors to make donations to any one of the six aid agencies working in Japan. 

Read the full case study, and see the campaign video here

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