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21 August 2017

Art for ads’ sake!

There’s a great David Hockney quote that says “art has always been shaped by technology” and that’s increasingly the case in the digital advertising space, but it’s time for creativity to push back.

Being “shaped” is one thing, being dominated is completely another. And unfortunately it’s the latter that we’re currently facing in advertising with the rapid growth of ad tech and big data.

There’s an ever increasing focus on technology and data in terms of how to target ads to the nth degree and deliver them as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s like cranking the handle on a sausage machine, spitting out masses of generic ads and hunting down consumers who simply aren’t treated like humans anymore.

To really engage with people online we need to look beyond the classic demographic labels. Rather than simply directing ads at ABC1 Females because they are supposedly the target audience, we should be thinking in more real terms, such as how can we help mums solve a key problem they are facing.

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01 April 2015

The modern marketer: Artist or scientist? [infographic]

Technology has transformed marketing into an accountable, data-driven department. Marketing scientists have taken their place next to the more traditional marketing artists, changing the way that marketing departments operate. Of course, both are tremendous assets by bringing a different and equally important set of skills to the table.

Check out this infographic below from Pardot to find out why this alliance will push marketing forward. 


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24 March 2014

The art and science of great branded content

Say venn

“To build important companies, the best people live in the future and then fix its problems.” - Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator.

Content marketing, branded content, native advertising...whatever you choose to call it, it has become one of the fastest growing parts of the advertising ecosystem. When created with a little art and sophistication it can surprise and delight readers, transcending traditional advertorials and becoming authentic, engaging editorial. Across the media industry, old-school publishers and digital natives are getting into the act.

So now that you've accepted 'native advertising' is hotter to advertisers than cronuts to Manhattan's hippest, let's see if we can shed some light on how to make it engaging - and still keep it classy.

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23 July 2013

The art and science of online engagement

Say venn online engagement

Here's the trouble with old-school media: It's two dimensional. A TV spot only has two options a 60 second anthem spot or 15 second promotion. Viewers can watch or not watch – they can’t actually opt-in and become a part of the experience. Ditto print, where you can look at an ad or turn the page. As an advertiser, you hope a consumer views your ad and then you pray they take action on their own, at another unrelated time. If they do want to interact, they have to go to a second screen, like their phone, tablet or computer.

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24 April 2013

The year ahead for images

In 2013 it’s believed the smartphone will become an everyday object worldwide*. It’s believed that sales will hit one billion over the next 12 months – an impressive milestone in the mobile world. It’s certainly a true testament to the ‘sharing age’ we now live in; people want to tap into information and divulge their experiences constantly, be it with their friends or brands.

This of course presents a plethora of opportunities for companies, but with these opportunities come challenges. Brands are already working hard to remain contemporary and front of mind in the current economical climate and the increase in customer touchpoints and information portals means they will need to do even more to make sure they stand out from the white noise.

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15 May 2012

Our relationship with digital and the New York Times

So Tumblr has launched a new content project called 'Storyboard'. Billed as “tales from behind the dashboard”, the series will follow various members of the Tumblr community.


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15 February 2012

Unveiling the BRAVES, by Noma Bar

Superheroes, like science fiction, are now acceptable to like in public. This trend can be attributed to a number of events: the cult series Heroes, the popularity of the DVD box-set that helped cult TV go mainstream and the new maturity of superhero representations on the big screen. The corny comic-book adaptations of the 1980s are now cult cinema curios compared to the superhero films that will hit screens in 2012; Christopher Reeve's square-jawed Superman would get a proper kicking from Christian Bale's Dark Knight. Confirmation of the hero concept as trend, if any were needed, arrives in form of the new Lego Superhero series that hits shops soon.

When we were working on the branding concept for the BRAVES, superheroes became part of the imagery very early on. An award that celebrated the heroes of video, needed to have some heroic figures to represent them. Eventually, the perfect amount of caffeine and lively discussion created a brief for the characters who would become The BRAVES, and this brief was brought to life by the brilliant artist, Noma Bar

Bar is famous for his deceptively complex graphic illustrations. Using blocks of colour and simple shapes, the man is a master of negative space and efficient graphic style. In short, he's a bit of a genius, and it's a bit of a coup for the BRAVES that he agreed to produce our characters.

Introducing: TEAM BRAVES

Braves_Team Braves




Smart and strategic, Campaign BRAVE has a plan and is in control. A master of innovation and insight, his mission is to promote the best use of video in advertising campaigns. The Campaign BRAVES category promotes the best in video campaign innovation and creative planning. 




Content BRAVE is an artist, always looking to capture that moving image and experiment with new techniques and aesthetics. The Content BRAVES celebrate the art in video and specifically reward the role of branded video content where there brand has been involved from the outset. 



Braves_Tech Craft

Nobody knows where he came from. With tools for platforms, players, analytics and distribution, strong, silent Technical BRAVE is essential to the video ecosystem. His best work often goes unnoticed, so the Technical BRAVES are designed to recognise the best technical contributions and innovations to the video landscape.

Information about the BRAVES.

Video-based case studies found on Cream.

An interview with Noma Bar.  

26 January 2012

Agency IP robots

Tokyo-based agency Party, who were responsible for the interactive painted billboard/website project for Toyota last year, has created a brilliant music video for Japanese electronica band Androp. Obviously, as this is Japan, the robots are cool, cute and incredibly desirable. 


Making-Of androp

The film is a triumph of sound-activated robotics, and in an unusual twist on the 'product placement in music video' business model, a limited number of robots were placed on eBay (yours for a cool $5,000). Depending on its success, Party plan to release more robots for sale with some planned for general sale.

See Party's work for Toyota on Cream. 


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