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06 February 2015

TV Ad of the Week: Budweiser ‘Lost Dog’ (USA)

Well we're stumped. We thought nothing could top last year’s heart-warming ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl ad, but Budweiser has gone and done it again with its 2015 follow-up ‘Lost Dog’.


Just one week following the broadcast at last Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX, the highly-anticipated follow up has already racked up some impressive stats. Not only has it totted up 25 million+ views on YouTube, but Unruly Media’s Viral Video Chart says it’s been shared almost 2.5 million times!

Watch the full TV spot below and let us know your comments.

25 January 2013

Sky, sun and fun: Skytweeting with Paddy Power

By Cream Editorial

Last year in September, Irish bookmaker and betting services brand Paddy Power took ambush marketing to new heights, quite literally! And here’s the story behind the story.

 The brand used skywriting as a tool to post tweets high up in the sky in Chicago just above the Medinah County Club at the time of the Ryder Cup tournament. The aim? To motivate Europeans to cheer for their team. The cheeky brand did so by fuelling the US-Europe tussle at the golf matches through sky tweets cheering European players, and taking none-too-subtle jibes at American golfers.

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16 January 2013

"How about a Macca's?"

Maccas Australia day


In a PR stunt rolled out by the fast-food giant McDonald’s, 13 branches of the restaurant in Australia will see their slogan translated to “Macca’s”, the nickname by which it is known across the country. This name change is part of this year’s Australia Day celebrations, and observes the fact that, as discovered by a recent survey, “Macca’s” is the country’s second most recognised Australianism, used by at least 50 per cent of the population (surpassed only by “footy”, referring of course to Aussie Rules football). Running for the entire month of January, the rebrand will see signage altered with the new name alongside the traditional Golden Arches, with a TV campaign to match.  Mark Lollback, head of marketing at McDonald’s Australia, has said of the move: “What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than incorporate the name the community has given us across all our channels, even our signs?” There have also been calls to have the colloquial term incorporated into the online edition of the Macquarie Dictionary, the national record of Australian English, officially recognising its position in the local language.

Behind the News:

While nicknames for this major international brand are common – think “Macky-D’s” in the UK, “Mickey-D’s” in the US, or “McDo” in France – none have ever been deemed popular enough for such a dramatic rebrand for the domestic market. Adapting such a solid corporate identity in this direct and transparent way to reflect local cultural trends and perceptions is a bold move, although the chain’s headquarters have indicated that this will be a temporary measure. While the success of the promotion remains to be seen, there can be little doubt that other global brands will be looking on with interest. Commercial nicknames are clearly widespread, especially among more familiar and popular brands or organisations. In the UK, you wouldn’t expect to encounter too many confused looks by mentioning Marks & Sparks, JD or the Beeb, but resulting public relations campaigns are rare to see. One thing that is reinforced by the appearance of “Macca’s” is the importance of market localisation, showing cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity towards consumer habits in specific markets, as this piece argues with regard to the presence of McDonald’s across Africa.

Editor's note: We picked the following three case studies as eye-catching examples of brands playing on their names:

1. Cockburn’s
2. Pepsi
3. Transport Accident Commission

01 November 2012

Unlock the 007 in you with the Coke Zero mission

Coke has established itself as master of the vending machine. With the launch of the 23rd James Bond film this month Coke Zero have put together an action packed stunt to promote the 007 movie.


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27 January 2012

Campaign of the week: IKEA

Cream's 'Campaign of the week' newsletter is out now - featuring IKEA's brilliant work on the Paris Metro, LG's mischievous flat-screen heist video and some advice on two-screen strategies from Billington Cartmell's Dan Machen

IKEA apartment constructed on the metro

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19 January 2012

Campaign of the week: Newsletter out now

Catch up with the best of Cream by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. This week's 'Campaign of the week' is the digital graphic novel from Axe, promoting its new fragrance 'Anarchy'. 

Axe anarchy 2

Wether or not Axe is onto a good thing by launching a fragrance line for both men and women remains to be seen. Spurred on by the number of female Facebook fans on its brand page, Unilever have apparently decided that the world is ready for the scent of 'Anarchy'.

See the full case study here with details of how Axe has turned to its fanbase to inspire this online graphic novel project.

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02 November 2011

The best of Cream

POD PIC 2.11

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09 June 2011

Campaign of the week: A good egg

Kalles_blogPerfect egg app | Kalles, Sweden | Crispin, Porter + Borgusky

Egg and Kalles Kaviar is a popular sandwich combination in Sweden. The cod roe spread is based on an ancient traditional Swedish recipe, and the manufacturer Abba Seafood is something of a national institution. But despite the popularity of Kalles Kaviar, it has to be said that the interactive potential for sandwich spread is fairly limited. Instead, Kalles chose to concentrate on its natural sandwich partner, the humble egg (or ägg).

The perfect boiled egg is a science. There are a number of variables that come into play, size and temperature of your egg, altitude, what type of egg it is and where it comes from. Thankfully, the new Kalles app solves all these problems, and even provides entertainment while you wait for the best boiled egg you're ever likely to have.

Read more and see the video here.

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