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24 September 2014

Experiential’s true reach

Ah, “Reach”.  Experiential, meet thy nemesis.

The same dance has been performed for over a decade now. Experiential agencies brag about the influence their campaigns have on consumers, while their clients reply “well, it had better do for £4.26 cost per contact”. The agencies then mutter something about “marketing mix”, and we start all over again.

Everyone has a point here, and ultimately they compromise, accepting it as inevitable that “reach” and “experiential impact” are two ends of a see-saw, and we must choose between them.

The truth is, this isn’t completely accurate; and here’s why:

Once again, we are seeing experiential suffer from being viewed through the same paradigm as other forms of marketing. Unlike TV, print, social, and so on, experiential has no “format”. A TV ad’s “format” is 30 seconds of video in an ad break; a print ad’s “format” might be one full page of a magazine; meanwhile, experiential sits outside of this – whatever your idea is, that is your format. This paradigm has had a similarly misleading effect on reach.

With other media channels, we “get” reach. We’re dealing with an isolated media unit, and we just look at how many people it gets put in front of. How many people were viewing that TV show? How many people read that magazine? How many impressions did that Facebook post get? And so on.

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14 July 2014

The power to wow: Why it’s time to bring experiential into the mix

Included from the outset as a core element of the creative marketing mix, experiential has the power to wow. Ian Priestman, head of experiential at Blackjack Promotions explains how.

In the same way that you create standout for the consumer, to engage with the brand, experiential agencies need to create standout for the marketers and planners to understand why they should be using experiential marketing.

In the same way we need to communicate the brand message, product USP or sales drive – we should be able do the same for our own offering.

It’s all too easy for experiential to be missed out of the marketing mix, using the excuse that it has limited reach, high cost of contact and basically is seen as hard work. Let’s make sure that we have an answer to all these negative responses with strong case studies and proven measurements of the standout successes of the campaign.

As we know, experiential works very well either as an amplification of a mixed marketing campaign or to create the content for digital and PR amplification.

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27 May 2014

Experiential at its finest: First Great Western’s awesome Scalextric train set



We’ve got some fun experiential activity to share with you today - First Great Western is taking a model train set on tour to showcase the great destinations and attractions on offer across the South West of England.

Want to check out the dramatic scenery of the Clifton Suspension Bridge or whizz past the National Assembly for Wales’ Senedd building? You can do it with this interactive train model, brought to you by experiential agency Blackjack Promotions. People are invited to drive the train through undulating landscape and have their time recorded on a score board.

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28 April 2014

Sampling a new trend...

Sampling is an effective marketing channel to really give consumers the chance to “try before you buy”. It’s proven not only to lead to improved sales but, perhaps more crucially, drive loyal customers.

Generic, mass-market sampling remains the bedrock channel for many brands, particularly those looking to raise brand awareness, more so for those early in their brand life cycle. But sitting alongside generic sampling is the equally effective targeted sampling, which is increasingly becoming a big pull for more established brands, in light of the higher quality customer data they can now get their hands on.

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04 March 2014

How experiential will become a new form of market research

Everyone loves a freebie. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how wealthy you are. Whatever your job title, if there’s a freebie up for grabs then you’re automatically interested. For this reason, I’m baffled why many brands are still struggling when it comes to customer data.

The solution is simple: it’s a two-way exchange so you’ve got to give customers something valuable in return for their data – something like an experience, a prize or a voucher.

This is why experiential and data collection are perfect partners; experiential creates numerous opportunities for live market research. Also, experiential is not always a sales tactic so it’s even more important for brands to capture data “in the moment” and grow their database. If the customer is interacting with a brand ambassador face-to-face, it’s easy to gather more information and to offer them something in exchange for that information.

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18 June 2013

Nivea Men gives football fans their very own Man of the Match experience

Now I’m not the biggest football fan. But I’m a girl, so that’s a given. For men, I can only imagine that to have your name chanted by a packed stadium of adoring football fans is an experience that every guy can only dream of. That’s why when I came across this new campaign from Nivea Men, I thought it was definitely one to share!

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14 February 2013

Valentine’s Day: the art of making consumers fall in love with brands!

By Cream Editorial

February 14 isn’t just a day for couples to express their love for each other – the festival day for love is also a day when brands vie for consumer love and attention! On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we pick out Cream Global’s hot five case studies where love is the X-factor that helps a brand find the sweet spot with its consumers. Here they are:

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12 February 2013

Things consumers never say about advertising

By Martin Harrison, Huge (part of SoDA)

One thing I have yet to hear a consumer say about advertising is, “Over time, it steadily positively reinforced a deeply held idea about how I’d like to be.” But then, I’ve yet to hear someone say, “I actively seek out facts that chime with my pre-defined point of view and ignore those that don’t”. That said, I haven’t really looked, I suppose.

Anyway, let me tell you a story about habit. Some years ago, I worked on the direct mail account for a large circulation weekly UK magazine. Our strategy was to drive sales through coupons; send out four/eight/twelve coupons and customers would duly redeem them, boosting circulation by 5-10%, depending on mailing volume. We had one mailing file that would redeem at 85%. 85%!

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