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04 May 2012

Kenneth Cole Spring Collection - Promotion FAIL!

Kenneth cole - Fail 1
Kenneth cole - Fail 2
Kenneth cole - Fail 3
Kenneth cole - Fail 4

15 March 2012

An offensive nose job love song - Fail!

I realise this title looks like I've just thrown some unrelated words together, but it actually refers to a marketing campaign for a plastic surgeon that has come under fire in the US. Dr Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Surgery in Florida has commissioned a pop song called 'Jewcan Sam' from a band called The Groggers.

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05 January 2012

Naked man in children's clothing advert

Discovery of a naked man at an inconvenient moment is a situation that most of us, if we're really honest, have been confronted with at some point in our lives. An unplanned naked male can pose a number of difficulties in the home, the office and at some (but not all) social occasions. They can also be especially troublesome when you're shooting an advert. Especially when the ad is for children's clothing. 

Pity then, the poor marketing manager at La Redoute who (hopefully) inadvertently passed this image to appear on the clothing company's online shop. 

La Redoute

My French is a little rusty but I expect the hastily issued apology on La Redoute's Facebook page: "“Nous allons renforcer le processus de validation de l’ensemble des communications de la marque pour que cela ne puisse se reproduire à l’avenir", roughly translates as "whoops, sorry". I expect it help drive traffic to the site though.


24 November 2011

ADL slams 'anti-Semitic' vodka billboards

A series of billboards advertising Wódka vodka in New York has been condemmed by the US Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic.

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Qantas competition twisted by Twitter


The airline industry and Twitter were never going to get along. As a method of getting about, air travel is dependent on so many variables that delays, cancellations and missed flights are going to be inevitable. Frequent flyers are used to all manner of disruptions called by fog, mechanical failure, ice on the runway and refuelling delays – and this assuming that the air traffic control staff aren’t on strike in one of the countries you have to fly over in order to reach your destination.

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20 October 2011

Why the Müller ad is rubbish: The debate continues

YogiYogi Bear stars in the Muller ad. Watch the full clip here

I never thought that when I ranted about the rubbish new Müller ad it would generate such debate, or more accurately disagreement. Still at least I know how it feels to be Liz Jones at the Daily Mail. I have in fact received so much correspondence about the matter that I’m going to claim editor’s prerogative and argue my case further in another article.

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10 October 2011

Advertising fail: Why the new Müller ad is rubbish

Brands that try to be too cool or too clever often find themselves coming unstuck. The latest brand that has let a creative idea run out of control is Müller, with its new Wünderful stuff TVC, and we weren't impressed with the results.


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