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16 February 2012

A friend of Cream that's going places

We rarely carry agency stories on Cream, although as with most rules, there are always notable exceptions. 

I'm going to resist the temptation to make jokes about disaster-themed storylines on the Archers, and instead just share the news that Inferno has joined forces with Farm. 

Inferno has hired the founders and Executive Creative Directors of Farm, Owen Lee and Gary Robinson, along with other Farm staff to bolster its talent pool in light of the agency’s spate of new business wins, including Nokia, NSPCC and Legal & General. A number of key clients will also be moving with the Farm team.

Cream regulars will recognise Inferno for its contributions from Bambos Neophytou and Robin Jaffray. As a special treat, you can also catch Inferno's strategic planner Jani Cortesini, deliver his brilliant presentation from Extra Life: The gaming guide for brands


03 November 2011

Cream Daily: US advertisers embrace gaming

Around $1bn will be spent on gaming ads in the US this year due to the broadening demographic of casual gamers.


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05 October 2011

Branded game of the week: Clarins

Time management games are very common on Facebook. The success of Farmville has spawned countless sequels – Cityville, Petville, Frontierville, Cafe World, Millionaire City, etc. Even the shocking Dirty Dancing game was based on the familiar model of allocating resources and prioritising tasks in return for cash that can be reinvested in the farm, shop, cafe, city or in the case of Spa Life built by Freshplanet, a beauty parlour.

Clarins Spa LifeMeet Claire, your friendly guide and teacher. 

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28 September 2011

Branded game of the week: ATG

ATG, the Swedish horse racing authority wanted to engage a new younger audience in horse racing, and the result is The Race, one of the most ridiculous but entertaining branded games we’ve seen here at the Cream office. Developed by a local Swedish agency called Åkestam Holst, The Race is a real-time multiplayer game where you compete against up to five other people on the net.


How does the brand fit? It’s a horse racing game, promoting horse racing so the brand fit is pretty obvious. But the stroke of genius is the ability to use your voice (through a computer’s in-built microphone) to cheer your own horse forward.


Horse 3

Is it any good? Yes. After last week’s disaster this is a return to form. The voice encouragement is a neat touch, as is the web-cam enabled photo finish. The controls are simple enough, with the keyboard divided into three sections. There’s even a helpful guide you can print out to keep track of the controls. If your horse is lagging behind, you can munch on carrots for extra speed or answer the pop up questions that appear during the race. As we mentioned, it is ridiculous. We were rubbish at it, but it didn’t matter.

Hosrse 2
Verdict: Brand fit 9/10. Game play 8/10. The facility to cheer your horse along is an inspired touch that helps recreate the trackside experience of a real horse race. ATG have a history of producing entertaining campaigns to promote Swedish horse racing, and this game continues that tradition. We loved it. Try it for yourself here

Horse keyboard

18 September 2011

Brand game of the week: Dirty Dancing

Like it or not, there’s no escaping the fact that Dirty Dancing is one of the classic films of the 1980s. Its art might be questionable, but its appeal is without doubt. The film's Facebook page has 10.9 million fans, placing it the 9th most popular film Facebook page. (I’ve had) The Time of My Life from the film’s soundtrack has become a wedding reception and school disco staple, and despite a lacklustre sequel (Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights) the Dirty Dancing franchise has survived to become a successful stage musical.

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13 September 2011

Branded game of the week: Genesis Crafty

If last week’s offering from Berghaus was tricky, then nothing will prepare you for this brilliantly frustrating Facebook game from Genesis Crafty. The quirky family run bakery from Northern Ireland has launched Knead for speed, to coincide with its expansion across the UK in Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores. Co-developed by Brandhouse and Matmi, this will test your organisational skill and quick thinking to the limit.

Genesis Knead for spead 1

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12 September 2011

Why is Angry Birds successful?

Fads and fashions are just as prevalent in the online world as they are in the real one. Laver's Law states that fashion trends operate over a 160 year cycle. Given that UK has only recently shaken off the 80s revival, it seems music trends have a cycle of about 25 years (look out folks, acid house and grunge are only around the corner).

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Cadbury uses augmented reality and gaming with chocolate bar packaging

Cadbury Spots v Stripes launches the world's first augmented reality game that can be played off its packaging using blippar's image recognition technology.

The game is seemingly easy to play, as all one has to do is hit the ducks as quickly as possible.


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