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23 November 2011

Sly Samsung Apple joke

Samsung takes a sly swipe at the stereotypical Apple devotee in its latest piece of online video that promotes the Galaxy series of smartphones. 

The genius clip mocks that particular type of Apple-vangelist that takes delight in camping outside stores for hours in advance of the release of a new handset. It also pokes gentle fun at the snobbery inherent in those Apple fans who like to adopt a superior tone when surrounded by mere mortal technology. Its about time someone burst the bubble of those individuals who insist on defining their identity through their phone. My next phone is definitely a Samsung.

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08 August 2011

Attack of the giant OOH woman

Residents of Hamburg, Germany have received a gift from a toiletries firm as a thank-you to the locals for embracing its products. 

Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory products have found particular success in the German city, which the British firm as acknowledged by installing a 67 foot-long woman in one of the local lakes. Die Badende is designed to promote the 'art' of bathing, and no doubt strikes awe into local children, as well as fear and terror into the ducks. 

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19 May 2011

Try on a Pilot for size

IWC watches have found a smart way to encourage commuters in New York to try out it's Pilot line of watches...

IWC Watches

28 April 2011

The royal wedding and brand Britain


The UK comes to a standstill tomorrow to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Regardless of your opinion of the Royal Family (or 'the Firm') there's no denying that the country will be in a celebratory mood tomorrow. 

Judging by the size of the media village that has been built just around the corner from Buckingham Palace in Green Park, a sizeable part of the outside world is also interested in tomorrow's ceremony. But do Kate and Wills' nuptials have any impact on the UK as a brand? Guest blogger Mark Rae of Brandhouse offers his thoughts...

Brand Britain on a roll

“The eyes of the world will be watching Britain on April 29th, as the much anticipated Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton takes place. It’s an event that is set to build huge emotional ties to Brand Britain both at home and away, providing the ideal lead up to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of the Queen and London’s hosting of the Olympic Games.”

“Amidst the economic downturn, rising costs, cut backs and unemployment, the Royal Wedding (and the bank holiday) provides an emotional uplift and longed for boost to the country as people have the chance to come together and celebrate as a nation. In both the short and long term this will be a boom for UK tourism as it demonstrates the strength of our culture, history and tradition, the main reasons according to Visit Britain, Britain’s national tourism agency, that make us such an attractive destination.”

Participating in the experience – at home and abroad

“Thirty years ago, almost a billion TV viewers watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. The union of their eldest son could well exceed this as it’s being broadcast through every imaginable communications channel with Clarence House launching a website, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube accounts to live stream the event. As a result, it’s a party that the whole world is in on and a one-off event reaching a truly global audience.”

A new take on a traditional fairy tale

“The story of William and Kate is a new take on the fairy tale romance: Prince marries middle-class girl. It reveals a more democratic, meritocratic Britain, no longer in thrall to the upper classes and royal elite. The couple’s relationship is a compelling brand story that engages people from all walks of life and is impossible to ignore, highlighting a thoroughly modern Britain.”

"The embracing of social media highlights that this is indeed a thoroughly modern couple and a symbol of a Royal household that has moved into the 21st century and is now more progressive, responsive and receptive than ever before.”

A boost for all things British

"Whilst the Royal Wedding provides huge promotional potential for UK tourism, hospitality and leisure brands, it’s also a great opportunity for food and retail brands to capitalise on or manufacture their quintessential Britishness.”

“With limited edition products ranging from Special Edition Prince William champagne, Haribo Hearts and Rings, Kiss me Kate Ale, McVities special edition biscuit tins, and Crown Jewel condoms, it’s hard to escape the surge in the William and Kate merchandise. However brands need to be careful of jumping on the Royal Wedding bandwagon; and there is a real danger of some going down the tacky tat route, losing their integrity and telling a brand story that bears no relevance to them.” 


Mark Rae is business development director at Brandhouse

21 April 2011

Tropicana creates natural energy


Tropicana has created a luminous billboard uniquely powered by natural energy using oranges as the conductors of electricity. The oranges were then were recycled to produce biogas.

           Also see other naturally activated billboards Bleeding shame and In living colour.

05 April 2011

Technology makes street art appreciated: Brands meet Banksy?


It seems that lately, when it comes to media and the marketing industry in general, creativity is all I hear about. Whether it’s about getting consumers to co-create or just exposing them to creativity, the latter has become more important than ever for a campaign to stand out. I should know, I just graduated from a marketing master’s degree that has the word “creativity” in it.

The rise of social media and mobile marketing has opened doors for brands to explore creativity. It is thus no surprise that brands have increasingly been positioning themselves as creative and artistic.

For Absolut Vodka, a brand that is reputed for inspiring people to connect with the arts since the 80s, creativity is a no-brainer. Their recent campaign promoting the new limited edition bottle Absolut Glimmer has taken its mission to the next level by involving social media platforms. Absolut asks fans to co-create by letting the brand know what makes them special. Artists hired by Absolut then went out and “wrote the word with light.”


Red Bull, a long-time champion of street art has recently launched “Red Bull Street Art View,” using Google Street View to showcase street art all over the globe. People are invited to tag their favourite street art and share it with friends to help build a global street art collection.

Technology has fostered a renaissance of older types of art and creativity. Indeed, there has been a growing public appreciation for street art, which was once looked down upon. Campaigns like “Red Bull Street View” have brought this art medium to a unified global audience. Filmmaker Jon Reiss has recently launched “Bomb It app,” a mobile app providing street art fans with a community platform through which they can share photos of art they discover.

As technology fuels the growing public appreciation of all things graffiti, we might start to see many more creative campaigns in this space.

04 March 2011

Who needs innovation?

Maybe it’s something in the air, or the water, but there are some very risqué trends in marketing at the moment. Yes, I know that “sex sells”, but surely there has to be some virtue in for subtlety as well?

Take these posters for TMF travel, a Belgian holiday firm similar to the infamous 18-30 holidays from the UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if these particularly buxom posters haven’t disappeared from the streets of Antwerp only to reappear on the bedroom walls of boys around the country. 

Adidas is another brand that’s feeling particularly frisky at the moment. Normally the Adidas Originals line celebrates its 80s roots with suitably retro-flavoured creative, although this latest spot is more retrograde than retro. Edgy hip-hop beats and nods to 80s street culture are out – half naked girl dancing provocatively in a pair of Adidas Originals jeans are in. So much for media innovation. 


To be fair, it isn’t always the brand that shocks. Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign last year caused a stir with its outrageous series of images celebrating the joys of stupidity. Pictures of a woman flashing her breasts at a CCTV camera or taking pictures with a camera shoved in her pants are racy enough – so I wasn’t really surprised to see Diesel offering knee-pads for girls (although presumably boys could use them as well...) to provide comfort when, er... kneeling. Surprisingly this naughtiest example of Diesel’s Be Stupid activity was from India, which I’d always assumed to be a country of conservative attitudes. I’m surprised there hasn’t been rioting outside the Diesel stores in Dehli. 

Diesel India

Diesel BJ knee pads from India


27 January 2011

Social media out of control: When flash mobs go wrong!

There's a lot of rubbish spouted by a lot of people about social media. In a desire to appear connected, some brands go into social media overdrive, and before you know what's happened, your social media strategy has turned into a mass of disconnected tweets, posts and likes that bare little relation to the brand or its messaging (and yes, we're looking at you Cadbury with your Spots Vs Stripes nonsense!). 

There is a very good campaign video from Dagens Industri which illustrates this point perfectly. But we recently discovered this brilliant video from last year's Ignite 2 event - "When flashmobs go wrong", presented by Tom Scott. 

If social media had been around in the heyday of the disaster movie genre, this would have been a two-hour blockbuster starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren - probably called "Mob!".


Ignite is an evening of presentations about - well just about anything, so long as it takes 5 mintues of 20 presentation slides of 15 seconds each. Imagine a turbo-charged, slightly deranged version of TED...

Over the coming weeks we'll be publishing a number of our favourite presentations ahead of Ignite 4 in February. 

IGNITE Banner for Cream

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