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21 August 2013

How do you make a billboard roar? Ask Land Rover.

Very few individuals experience the thrill of driving a powerful 5.0 litre supercharged engine, or even just hearing the dominating roar such an engine provides, yet Land Rover has innovatively allowed travellers to familiarise themselves with this through its latest campaign, ‘Push the pedal hear the engine’.

Moving away from laborious, tedious advertising, Land Rover built a special digital outdoor campaign to publicise its all-new Range Rover Sport, featuring an accelerator pedal, responsive interactive content and directional sound. ‘Push the pedal, hear the engine’ delivered the speed and thrill of the SUV’s powerful engine to travellers at Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted Airports over a four week period.

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06 February 2013

Acer's interactive Olympic campaign


Acer's Olympic pavillion


The London Olympic Games was the second Olympic event at which Acer held the title of ‘Official Hardware Partner’ – having previously sponsored the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

In order to create an on-site brand experience like no other, Acer appointed total brand activation agency, Pico, to build a Showcase Pavilion within the Olympic Park. Pico in return appointed specialist experiential staffing agency Blackjack to select and train the Showcase Team to engage and host the site.

Situated close to the Athletes Village, Acer were able to exhibit and demonstrate their new products, latest technologies and innovations to the public inside the Showcase Pavilion, whilst simultaneously providing a corporate hospitality suite for VIP guests to soak up the incredible atmosphere of London 2012.

The Showcase consisted of three levels where guests would be immersed in an interactive experience combining projection, lights and imagery to create an unforgettable journey; the top floor included an exclusive VIP area for IOC members and athletes to use with spectacular views of the Olympic Park which included an unparalleled view of the Olympic Stadium.


There were two key objectives attached to Acer’s on-site Olympic activity.  First and foremost it wanted to attract visitors to the Olympic Park into the Pavilion to experience the Acer Journey through customer facing interaction. Once inside, the aim was to educate visitors on Acer products, new technologies and innovations to enhance brand knowledge and awareness.


An entirely unique experiential concept was created, to immerse the visitor in an unrivalled and entirely personalised brand experience. Blackjack provided event managers and brand ambassadors, all of whom had been approved by LOCOG (London 2012 Governing Body) and accredited for the Olympic Park beforehand.

Blackjack staff then guided visitors through an interactive journey that began outside the showcase in the Olympics Park. Visitors were issued with an interactive journey smartcard. Each card had a QR driver that, when swiped onto a QR reader positioned next to the various features on various levels, would allow each visitor a personal and individual interaction complete with info/avatar capture of themselves. The smartcard allowed QR activation at each feature display within the pavilion via a unique visitor QR code which isolated each individual visitor’s interaction through the various feature displays within the showcase, via a microsite: acerjourney.com

Once inside the Pavilion, visitors had 8 stations to experience:

  • Journey Sphere - Visitors could browse and explore through a variety of games and videos

  • “Fast Faster Fastest” Arena – An interactive challenge navigating a route through a computer circuit board in the fastest time

  • Infinity Gateway – A room which projected multiple images of the visitor on 3 different graphic backgrounds

  • Predator Gaming Area – Visitors could play the official London 2012 video game

  • Devices on Level 2 – A platform showcasing the very best of the Acer product portfolio

  • Devices on Level 1 – A platform showcasing the very best professional market devices
from Acer
  • Theatre – A unique mixed reality theatre show featuring AR and interactive images

  • Avatar – The chance for visitors to create a personalised avatar in the Pavilion and share it on acer.com

VIP guests also had use of the third level hospitality and viewing platform.


In terms of meeting the first two objectives, the Acer Pavilion had 63,846 visitors during the Olympic and Paralympic periods, in which 40,222 registered to become a part of the Acer Journey, this can be measured as 63% of all people who visited the Pavilion registering.

This was an average of 2,500 visitors every day to the Pavilion during the course of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Due to a high number of visitors being children, some parents did not feel it appropriate for their children to fill out their personal details, therefore decreasing the percentage of visitors registering to become a part of the Acer Journey.

25 January 2013

Sky, sun and fun: Skytweeting with Paddy Power

By Cream Editorial

Last year in September, Irish bookmaker and betting services brand Paddy Power took ambush marketing to new heights, quite literally! And here’s the story behind the story.

 The brand used skywriting as a tool to post tweets high up in the sky in Chicago just above the Medinah County Club at the time of the Ryder Cup tournament. The aim? To motivate Europeans to cheer for their team. The cheeky brand did so by fuelling the US-Europe tussle at the golf matches through sky tweets cheering European players, and taking none-too-subtle jibes at American golfers.

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05 December 2012

Starbucks or Star'sucks'?

By Cream Editorial

I’m not much of a Starbucks loyalist, so this 2012 Starbucks campaign called ‘Every Coffee Should Be a Starbucks’ leaves me oddly amused, considering the current ‘tax-ing’ environment the brand is in, no pun intended. The American coffee chain recently faced turbulence in the UK when it was widely criticised for evading corporation tax over a period of time. And that makes this summer campaign strange to look at – with its tone of voice almost bordering on arrogance. A trifle baffling! 

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27 January 2012

Campaign of the week: IKEA

Cream's 'Campaign of the week' newsletter is out now - featuring IKEA's brilliant work on the Paris Metro, LG's mischievous flat-screen heist video and some advice on two-screen strategies from Billington Cartmell's Dan Machen

IKEA apartment constructed on the metro

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19 January 2012

Campaign of the week: Newsletter out now

Catch up with the best of Cream by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. This week's 'Campaign of the week' is the digital graphic novel from Axe, promoting its new fragrance 'Anarchy'. 

Axe anarchy 2

Wether or not Axe is onto a good thing by launching a fragrance line for both men and women remains to be seen. Spurred on by the number of female Facebook fans on its brand page, Unilever have apparently decided that the world is ready for the scent of 'Anarchy'.

See the full case study here with details of how Axe has turned to its fanbase to inspire this online graphic novel project.

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11 January 2012

The danger of being a star-struck brand manager

Celebrity endorsements have long been a powerful marketing tool. Like all strategies, the idea of getting a famous person to act as a brand ambassador comes with its own unique pros and cons.  Lots of commentators covered this subject during the various indiscretions of Tiger Woods, which saw the professional golfer sacked from a number of lucrative ad contracts over his marital indiscretions.

But while some relationships do not end well, it is a sad fact of media that some partnerships are doomed from the start. Some are very successful and in some cases you have to wonder if it’s just a case of brand managers abusing their position to meet their favourite actors and pop stars.

Fiat and Jennifer Lopez

At the start of 2011, Fiat launched its new Fiat 500 campaign in the States, enlisting a dream spokeswoman in the face of Jennifer Lopez. After a few years in the pop wilderness, J-Lo was back in 2010 with a hit album and worldwide smash single. Her appearance as a judge on American Idol confirmed that her star was in the ascendant.

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10 January 2012

Creative Canada

Inspired by Canada's Marketing magazine digital awards that were announced at the end of last year, Anthony Daniel reflects on the strengths of the country's creative media industry. 

Canada creative
The digital universe has given marketers a plethora of devices to engage and target audiences whether it be SMS, email, QR, AR, projection stunts or content driven campaigns. The digital revolution universally refreshed the creative industries and each culture around the world has stamped their own creative heritage onto various digital tools to execute successful local strategies.

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