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26 January 2018

Innovative Ad of the Week: Bridge Music Academy ‘The Racist Keyboard’ (India)

Racist keyboard

Delhi-NCR’s premier music school Bridge Music Academy is taking a stand against racism with an integrated campaign that includes a film featuring a specially-built keyboard with no black keys.

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30 October 2015

Music Maestro: What song are you?

CD storage

“What song are you?”

In a brief moment of downtime the other day I did one of those online personality tests, where the resulting song is meant to represent your personality. I shared it with my friends on Facebook and soon they were all at it. It was just a bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously…

Or was it “just a bit of fun”?  The comments amongst my friends and I hint at something more fundamental. Those songs represent a common experience; a common language we could all engage in and that we actively chose to do so.

You see, music is undeniably powerful. Yet it is also intimate and often subliminal. 

The High Street plugged in to the power of music a long time ago. However, the choice of a playlist can be hit and miss. It’s my belief that the time has come for retail brands – and not just fashion retailers - to pay expert attention to their sound and develop a brand soundtrack.

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22 May 2015

Mobile Ad of the Week: Run with Heart Foundation ‘Moving Tracks’ (Poland)


More than 50% of teens in Poland don’t do any exercise and nothing could convince them otherwise. Until now, that is…

With help from Saatchi & Saatchi / Interactive Solutions, The Run with Heart Foundation has teamed up with Poland’s biggest music labels - Warner, Universal and Sony – to get teens up on their feet and running, all through the power of music.

The result is a mobile platform where teens have exclusive access to new music tracks, but here’s the catch: the song only plays when they are actually running! ‘Moving Tracks’ is a simple mobile site that recognises when a user is running and plays a never-heard-before track. Basically you stop, the music stops. Genius!

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03 September 2013

Samsung Style: A new take on Gangnam Style

"Samsung Style... If you like the S3 then this phone is even better..."

If Gangnam Style still gets you bopping your head every time you hear it, then you should check out this latest take from Samsung. Pure genius!

31 May 2012

Video of the Week: Jay Z & Kanye West “No Church in the Wild”

By Mike Woods, Framestore 

We'll blow our own trumpet this week. Framestore just finished work on seminal socialist auteur Romain Gavras' new promo for Jay-Z & Kanye. Check it.



30 April 2012

Top 5 branded music videos

Sponsored music videos are a chance for brands to get cool again. Given that expensive-looking, high quality TV spots are a thing of the past (I've already cleared my inbox in preparation for the rebuttal emails from Thinkbox et al on that one) music videos offer brands the chance to associate with a successful music act and reach significant audiences over a prolonged period.

Essentially, a sponsored music video offers a highly visible product placement opportunity, but on a much faster turnaround than in films. We're still some months off watching 007 down a Heineken in the next outing of the Bond franchise, but when it comes to the three minute pop-promo, there's no shortage of high profile content available.

Here's our pick of the best...

OK GO: Needing/Getting, starring Chevy Sonic

Another brilliantly inventive clip from Ok Go, this premiered during the 2012 Super Bowl. It's also worth checking out the behind-the-scenes clip for this. 


LMFAO: One Day, starring Tuborg

It all started as  competition in the UK for budding directors to apply to make the new LMFAO video. The result is a predictably dopey ad for Tuborg which features some heavy handed product placement with an irritatingly catchy soundtrack. A guilty pleasure.


SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA: Greyound, starring Absolut Vodka

This is definitely the most inventive of the group. Outlandish outfits and astonishing CGI make the union of vodka and electro-house a visual feast.


GORILLAZ: DoYaThing, starring Converse

The Gorillaz story might be blemished by tales of an acrimonious split, but this wonky electro track features the band's famous cartoon members elegently slumming it in Converse sneakers.


MARK RONSON & KATY B: Anywhere in the world, starring Coca-Cola

Okay, so this isn't exactly a music video, but it's the live performance of the official Coca Cola 2012 Olympics theme song for London games. Eagle-eared listeners will hear snatches of previous Coca Cola anthems from the World Cup. As branded songs go, this one is going to be huge.


24 October 2011

Cream Daily: Indonesian Hip-hop band continues Intel’s global campaign

Intel has again collaborated with Amsterdam Worldwide for the fourth video instalment of its ‘Visual Life’ campaign.


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08 September 2011

Cream Daily--Philips launches new global campaign

Philips has partnered with the Grammy Award-winning Dutch Metropole Orchestra for the latest execution of its ‘Obsessed with Sound’ campaign.


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