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08 February 2013

Oreo catches fans by surprise at the Super Bowl!

By Cream Editorial

Fans frustrated with the 34-minute power outage at the Super Bowl in New Orleans were flooded with innovative advertising messages to keep their interest going during the blackout. Chief amongst these brands was Oreo, which stole the show with a tweet-cum-ad - while players milled about on the fields in darkness, the brand created an image of an Oreo set in light, shadow and darkness. The ad pointed thousands of followers to the line below the image that went: ‘You can still dunk in the dark’.

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25 January 2013

Sky, sun and fun: Skytweeting with Paddy Power

By Cream Editorial

Last year in September, Irish bookmaker and betting services brand Paddy Power took ambush marketing to new heights, quite literally! And here’s the story behind the story.

 The brand used skywriting as a tool to post tweets high up in the sky in Chicago just above the Medinah County Club at the time of the Ryder Cup tournament. The aim? To motivate Europeans to cheer for their team. The cheeky brand did so by fuelling the US-Europe tussle at the golf matches through sky tweets cheering European players, and taking none-too-subtle jibes at American golfers.

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22 May 2012

Brands shouldn't forget Euro 2012 opportunities

By Ruben Pillai

Although there’s just three weeks to go, there are still key opportunities still exist to get your brand associated with Euro 2012, without even leaving the UK.

With all the buzz around the London 2012 Olympics, it almost feels as if brands have forgotten about the excellent promotional opportunities that Europe’s biggest football tournament, Euro 2012, has to offer.

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By Ruben Pillai

Although there’s just three weeks to go, there are still key opportunities still exist to get your brand associated with Euro 2012, without even leaving the UK.

With all the buzz around the London 2012 Olympics, it almost feels as if brands have forgotten about the excellent promotional opportunities that Europe’s biggest football tournament, Euro 2012, has to offer.

The event may not be being held on home soil, unlike the Olympics, but in some respects that enables brands to create their own local experiences around key individual games and generate a tournament atmosphere that makes people feel like they are there.

But first, why Euro 2012? Well it has it’s own distinct place on the calendar, positioned between the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, delivers a specific audience (particularly young men and women, non-luxury), and more of an opportunity to create an interactive, sharing experience due to the nature of a football match.

With only three weeks to go before the tournament kicks off, is it too late to plan related activity? Not necessarily. You may have missed the boat with respect to the main official sponsorship opportunities in and around the stadiums themselves, and with respect to securing TV ad space. There are probably also limited options relating to taking groups to the tournament or organising satellite events in the Ukraine or Poland. However, if you get a move on there are still chances to tap into Euro fever both online and live – or even better, a combination of the two.

For example, you could emulate the gamification trend and create your own branded Euro fantasy football experience that your customers will be able to play online during the tournament, with your brand front of mind as they do so. You can use email marketing, any existing social media activity, along with traditional media, such as newspapers, to promote the game and encourage people to sign up, while offering a series of prizes for the winners. Although developing such an online game from scratch can take some time, there are likely to be a number of ‘brand-able’ off-the-shelf packages available that can be up and running quickly.

However, if a brand came to me right now and asked how best they could leverage the buzz around Euro 2012, I’d have to say that creating a series of boutique events coinciding with key games would be the way forward. The number and scale would depend on budget, but each would feature a big screen showing a specific game, a bar and food, plus entertaining activities such as a live penalty shoot-out, band and party afterwards.

You could invite specific customers if you have a relatively small number of high-value. Alternatively you could run a competition or promotion online to select the audiences. Furthermore, to maximise the return you can amplify and extend the reach of the activity by videoing the events and either streaming them live online and/or uploading an edited version afterwards, drawing further attention to the content through social media.

You could even include a special booth at each event where revellers could pop in and record their reactions live. This can create a wonderful snapshot of the enjoyment levels within the audience and reflect really positively on the brand through a video compilation of the best responses, which can be hosted online.

Using live and online activity in this way not only builds loyalty through giving a memorable experience to customers, but also allows you to broadcast the fact you’ve done this, heightening positive associations with your brand.

Such experiential activity can also incorporate employees, boosting motivation levels and creating stronger brand ambassadors.

Tournaments like the Euros that lend themselves to this kind of communal celebration around a number of specific events don’t come round too often. And local satellite events can tap into the atmosphere and create an ‘as if I was there’ experience, while offering unlimited branding opportunities without the strictures that sponsoring the actual tournament can bring.


Ruben Pillai is Olympics Co-ordinator at Blackjack Promotions

10 May 2012

Crown jewel: Why the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is right for brands

By Ian Priestman

She’s on every postage stamp, yet her 60-year celebration appears to be being ignored by brands. Blackjack Promotions’ Ian Priestman explains why they could be making a big mistake…


This is arguably the best year in the UK ever for brand marketing opportunities. The London 2012 Games will create a festival-like atmosphere across the UK, deliver huge gatherings of people high on the Olympic spirit and ripe for engagement, and present lots of potential touch points. Meanwhile, there’s also the excitement of the UEFA European Football Championship, which although taking place on the continent, gives brands excellent scope to create bespoke events around England’s – and don’t forget Ireland’s – matches.

There’s also the not-so-insignificant matter of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Yet it seems to have slipped off many brands’ radars. We see her iconic profile on every stamp on every letter we post, and it’s certainly no mean feat spending 60 years on any throne – even if it is in one of the more monarchy-friendly countries in the world. But this momentous cultural event has been completely overshadowed by the Olympic buzz and Euros fever. This is probably because the two sporting spectaculars are seen as ‘cooler’ events for brands to be associated with. Also, the promotional opportunities are more obvious.

Unfortunately, that means there will probably be a brand marketing cacophony unlike any heard before, as the scrum for promotional oxygen makes it a real challenge to stand out. In contrast, the Jubilee offers brands the chance to make much more of an impact. The problem is that many seem unsure of how to approach it.

Celebrating HRH’s 60 years on the throne seems more about Britishness, street parties and local culture than brands. However, it potentially provides the perfect opportunity for brands to really engage with communities at a grass roots level. In fact, the Jubilee gives home-grown businesses a chance to show off their British credentials without fear of being considered politically incorrect or jingoistic. What’s more, it presents great opportunities to bolster a brand’s corporate social responsibility credentials through some careful social marketing that could stay long in the memory of the communities it touches, while filling stakeholders and staff with pride. The results can be prominently displayed on a brand’s website and be spread far and wide through social media to show just how much it has given back to its local community.

The right approach to take is think local, deliver global. It’s a strategy that can also be very economical. For example, a brand could sponsor the street parties in its area, perhaps adding to the fun by contributing entertainers and free samples. Or put on a special Jubilee event for local people. This could then be filmed and amplified over the internet, so what happens on a local community scale is being spread worldwide. Plus, of course, your employees – and even clients – can get involved and hold their own party, so you’re also winning on the loyalty stakes.

With marketing these days being very much about adding the personal touch, brands should consider backing up their activities with targeted direct mail campaigns. Mailing out individual branded invitations to your local community, saving local organisers the time, trouble and expense can make a big impact. Mailing out similar invitations to all your clients and staff and holding a major Jubilee company bash for them, too is also a great way of strengthening the bond with your most important assets.

So the possibilities for promotional activity around the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee really are endless. Now, if diamond is 60 years, what’s 70…?

Ian Priestman is project director at Blackjack promotions

20 March 2012

Brilliant consumer insight meets dodgy surgical marketing

While it seems that medical services marketing in the U.S has become increasingly innovative, I’m not entirely convinced that this a good thing. After last week’s discovery that a plastic surgeon had embarked on a particularly distasteful pop promo that extolled the benefits a nose job could have on one’s love life, an even more bizarre idea has turned up from a medical facility in Massachusetts.

In a frankly blinding bit of consumer insight, the Cape Cod medical facility has recognised that lots of American males fake illness to take time off work to watch the NCAA basketball finals in March. Consequently, Cape Cod is encouraging men to undergo their vasectomy procedures in March by giving them coupons to redeem for free pizza. Recovering patients are then encouraged to spend a couple of days resting at home, watching basketball on the TV. What a coincidence.

Evan Cohen, Manager of Urology Associates at Cape Cod, told ABC News that vasectomies are a "kind of a touchy subject... We're trying to make it light so it's easier to talk about. We [also] wanted men to relax and give them an excuse to watch the game”.


27 January 2012

Lego's (unauthorised) space mission

A recent video gathering a lot of attention on YouTube tracks what could be the first journey into space by a Lego man. This isn't an official mission by Lego, but a more amateur effort by a team in Canada. Full footage of the trip and its preparation will be released soon, but for now you can enjoy this astonishing trailer. 


A few brands have ventured into space, or at least the fringes of it, for the occasional marketing stunt. Adrenaline junkie Felix Baumgartner threw himself out of a plane at the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere for Red Bull and Sappuro in Japan sold a limited edition beer brewed from barley grown in spaceToshiba decided to launch a collection of chairs into space, which probably made more sense at the time - but nevertheless made for some striking visuals. 

11 January 2012

The danger of being a star-struck brand manager

Celebrity endorsements have long been a powerful marketing tool. Like all strategies, the idea of getting a famous person to act as a brand ambassador comes with its own unique pros and cons.  Lots of commentators covered this subject during the various indiscretions of Tiger Woods, which saw the professional golfer sacked from a number of lucrative ad contracts over his marital indiscretions.

But while some relationships do not end well, it is a sad fact of media that some partnerships are doomed from the start. Some are very successful and in some cases you have to wonder if it’s just a case of brand managers abusing their position to meet their favourite actors and pop stars.

Fiat and Jennifer Lopez

At the start of 2011, Fiat launched its new Fiat 500 campaign in the States, enlisting a dream spokeswoman in the face of Jennifer Lopez. After a few years in the pop wilderness, J-Lo was back in 2010 with a hit album and worldwide smash single. Her appearance as a judge on American Idol confirmed that her star was in the ascendant.

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