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05 August 2016

Ad of the Week: McCann Montevideo ‘I CANN Eau de Créativité’ (Uruguay)

Icann 1

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of McCann Montevideo, the agency has launched a limited-edition perfume called ‘I CANN Eau de Créativité’ that symbolises its commitment to creativity.

With the purpose of making it a medium to boost creativity, the idea was developed based on the idea that McCann’s role is to encourage creativity among clients and in their brand development, therefore it wanted to create a product that would boost creativity among its own people.

The thinking behind the name ‘I CANN’ emphasises that everybody can develop and express the power of their own creativity, and a campaign to promote it has been starred by agency staff.

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22 July 2016

Innovative Ad of the Week: Sony Pictures ‘Ghostbusters Waterloo’ (UK)

Ghosbusters main

This week brings to an end a pretty spooky burst of outdoor activity for London commuters, who were surprised and delighted by a giant sculpture of the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at Waterloo, as part of a complete train station takeover by Sony Pictures to promote the new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie.

The ‘super-sized’ out-of-home campaign, a collaboration between Sony Pictures, JCDecaux (campaign concept), Feref (creative), MGOMD and Talon (media), played up the idea of ‘something strange in your neighbourhood’ by transforming London’s Waterloo Station into a film-themed showcase for the past two weeks.

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21 March 2016

Launch Ad of the Week: Sound of Change 'Supporting buskers beyond the streets' (Netherlands, Russia, Spain)

Soc 1

Digital agency Hungry Boys is behind the launch of a project in the shape of a new record label Sound of Change, which aims to give street buskers the opportunity to have their music recorded in a studio and gain listeners around the world in an effort to help them make money beyond the streets. 

Simply by uploading a video of someone busking to the Sound of Change website, adding details about the musician and geotagging the location, performers can be mapped and shared on social networks using the hashtag #soundofchange.  

Hungry Boys will then look for producers and other partners to help facilitate an opportunity for the musicians to record in a nearby studio. The music will then be released via a variety of download and streaming sites including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, will all proceeds going back to the musicians. 

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23 September 2014

Is Coca-Cola Big, Bad and Stupid?

Coca-Cola is the giant of the soft drinks industry, yet the original mass marketer with the distribution reach of God has received quite a bit of negative press lately: carbonated soft drinks are losing their fizz with volumes down and profits harder to maintain. On top of this, it seems that the Coca-Cola Company has become the company we all love to hate. 

It’s Coca-Cola’s fault we are obese. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault that our kids are out of control and high on preservatives. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault our rivers are polluted with empty bottles. It’s Coca-Cola’s fault our teeth are rotten.  It’s Coca-Cola’s fault we don’t understand what “in moderation” means. Big, bad Coca-Cola.

But it’s not just Coke that is suffering from being big or being viewed as bad, multinationals everywhere are under constant threat of diminishing returns, lacklustre results and bad press, but it’s the effect these have on organisations’ behaviour that is the real threat. When big companies feel threatened, introspection and fear are familiar by-products. Whether the source of that threat comes from the City and shareholder demands, market changes or competition, this introspection and fear translates into organisations not doing what they need to do but rather what they can do; in other words, creating “stuff”.

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19 March 2013

Secrets of a publishing renegade

Jane pratt SXSW
It takes a tremendous amount of passion to do innovative things every day – and if there's anyone that has that passion, it's publishing legend and editor-in-chief Jane Pratt of xoJaneand xoVain (both Say Media properties). At her talk at SXSW, Jane wowed the crowd and lit up Twitter when she shared her hard-won secrets of a publishing renegade.

Among the revelations onstage were the news that Hilary Swank has optioned the rights to play Jane in a movie about her life, the magic happens outside your comfort zone, and nobody likes you (even Drew Barrymore). 

As the New York Post teased ahead of the event:

"We hear she’ll dish about how she photoshopped Ashton Kutcher’s nipples off of a cover photo, was forced to eat veal at Anna Wintour’s house during a dinner party though she was a vegetarian, and showed up to an editorial meeting on no sleep after partying all night with Jimmy Fallon and Janeane Garofalo. “I wanted to call the session ‘Secrets of a Media Renegade: How I Burned Down the Old Media Model to Do Whatever the F*ck I Want,’ but that was too long,” said Pratt.  

Yep, the always irreverent and entertaining Jane Pratt delivered all that and more. The founder of Jane and Sassy magazine revealed what went on behind the scenes as she burnt bridges, said things she shouldn’t say out loud, and built a platform for women to express  themselves honestly. Now, with xoJane.com, Jane has once again revolutioned the way media talks to women and has built one of the fastest growing online publishing brands for women in the history of the web, now complimented by xoVain, a new destination for beauty comment, tutorials and reviews, and where readers can purchase products direct from trusted beauty retailers. 

In her panel, Jane revealled why the current print model doesn’t work, the myths traditional media has been feeding you, and the outrageous anecdotes from 25 years in media. 

Her advice? "Be bold and be preposterous."

05 October 2012

Is News International's new ad model fit for purpose?

While News International’s move to automate the process of transferring ads from print to digital is moving in the right direction as publishers seek to monetise digital and mobile platforms, Mark Inskip wonders whether it goes far enough.


 News International’s recent announcement of its plans to roll out a new advertising model – which it describes as "a pioneering approach … that breaks down traditional barriers between print and digital" – certainly shows that it is taking its mobile platforms seriously.

News Int's CEO Mockridge unveils 'groundbreaking' print to digital ad conversion

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20 March 2012

Groovy new Braves trailer

As excitement surrounding the BRAVES grows, a new trailer has been released to promote this exciting new video awards and new entry deadline of 11 May 2011.

The stats for video get more impressive with each passing conference. Essentially, all of us are watching more video, more often and more devices. Keeping track of exactly what 'good looks like' in the white heat of video has, until now, proven difficult. Competing specialists offer different charts based on conflicting metrics, and in larger award ceremonies video ends up being absorbed into digital, social and content categories. Not any more...

The BRAVES represent the new benchmark in online video of all disciplines, from low-cost virals to high quality branded content and video banners to video players - the BRAVES celebrate the best of all things video.

If you're interested in entering the Braves, contact nisha@csquared.cc or mark@csquared.cc, or download an information pack.

Alternatively, enjoy the first in a series of BRAVES trailers with its groovy "video-a-go-go" soundtrack.


16 March 2012

KitKat's Secret To Success In Japan



The Japanese food market can be particularly hard to crack for foreign brands. Ask Mars, who have finally managed to get M&Ms and Snickers onto Japanese shelves after thirty five years of hard work. This is only part of the battle though. The next step is competing with domestic brands that dominate the packaged food market in Japan thanks to their unrivalled insight.

A worthy rival has been found in the form of KitKat. So what is its secret to success?  KitKat’s popularity in the Japanese food market can be attributed to solid investment by Nestle since its launch in Japan in the 1970s. Consumers in Japan have a notoriously short attention span, with products battling to stay relevant in the market. KitKat has constantly been innovating new flavours, such as green tea and wasabi, to keep the Japanese public interested in the product. Nestle have produced over 200 limited edition flavours.

KitKat have been successful because they have been able to satisfy the exacting demands of Japanese consumers in terms of product quality and packaging. Luck may also have played a role in the product’s success. The name KitKat resembles the phrase “Kitto Katsu” meaning “surely win”, a term of good luck in Japan. This explains why the chocolate bars are so popular during exam time which runs from January to March in Japan.

Behind The News

Nestle have understood what it takes to be successful in the Japanese market and adapted their strategy accordingly. Instead of marketing KitKat primarily as a snack for people on the go, they are often sold as gifts due to the limited edition status of certain products.

Winning over Japanese consumers represented a challenge for Nestle but also an opportunity to make an inroad into the Asian market. Thanks to smart cultural and consumer insights, the chocolate coated wafer has come a long way from its humble origins in 1930s England, to its global success.


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