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26 May 2015

Top 5 Drone-Driven Campaigns

When you hear the term ‘drones’, you’ll probably either think of the small quadcopters Amazon want to use to deliver packages, or the large unmanned aircraft flying over warzones.

The smaller commercial versions of them are being used in a variety of different ways, from delivering food and taking selfies, to being used as an ambulance drone, widening the availability of Wi-Fi in remote places and even planting trees in rainforests. Furthermore, we're seeing increasing use of them for - the rather awkwardly termed - ‘Drone-vertising’.

Here are 5 ways that brands have used drones to get their campaigns ‘off the ground’.

Coca Cola

In an effort to bring a little happiness to the lives of its migrant workers, the Singapore Kindness Movement joined forces with Coke to deliver photos of locals thanking them for their hard work and some ice-cold cans of coke. Since their construction sites were on the top of half-built skyscrapers, drones were used to get the care packages to more than 2,500 workers.

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24 April 2015

OOH Ad of the Week: The Trumpets ‘Bus shelter jukebox’ (Romania)

There’s nothing worse than leaving home in a rush to get to work, getting to the bus stop and realising you’ve forgotten your headphones!

Well for commuters in Iasi, Romania – that’s not a problem at all. And it’s all thanks to a new installation at two bus stop locations in the city which have been transformed into a giant jukebox.

Bus shelter jukebox

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10 April 2015

OOH Ad of the Week: Carlsberg ‘Probably the best poster in the world’ (UK)

Imagine a world where billboards start distributing free stuff?

Well thanks to Carlsberg, we need not imagine anymore. The drinks giant erected a giant poster in London, UK this week - one which dispensed free ice cold beers to passers-by to enjoy in the sunshine.

The installation was created by Fold7, in collaboration with Mission Media. Apparently this is just the first stunt in a new campaign drive – we can’t wait to see what’s next!


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07 April 2015

Top 5 Projection Mapping Campaigns


Projection mapping allows 3D objects to be turned into a display surface for a video projection, anything from small objects to cars, buildings and even people. Using specialist software, objects are mapped so that a projector can fit any desired image onto the surface of that object. This can add the impression of extra depth, optical illusions, and movement onto static objects.

Iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Tokyo Station, the Astronomical Clock in Prague, and Manhattan Bridge in New York have been used in campaigns. There’s even the International Mapping Festival of Girona, including large-scale projections on the façades of Girona’s famous buildings.

As well as being projected onto buildings, the process is being used in a number of other ways, including British Airways projecting onto a model of an A380 for a video celebrating its inaugural flight from London to Singapore.

Here are 5 recent, creative examples of projection mapping used in campaigns around the world.

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station’s iconic towers on the banks of the Thames have been used before for projection displays, including the impressive Bombay Sapphire campaign in 2011. But in 2014, it was used as the backdrop for a breath-taking display raising awareness of the building’s redevelopment. Thousands of guests wearing headphones watched 360,000 lumens of light transform the Power Station, celebrating the past, present and future of a London icon.

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16 March 2015

Top 5 Augmented Reality Outdoor Campaigns


Augmented reality isn’t necessarily a new concept in outdoor advertising. Back in 2011, Lynx used the technology for their Fallen Angels campaign in London, Victoria Station, where virtual angels fell to earth via the station’s big screen.

Here are 5 recent examples of innovative outdoor campaigns that are using augmented reality technology to add a new dimension to their experiential and guerrilla marketing.

Skoda Fabia

In February 2015 at London’s Waterloo Station, passers-by were able to interact with a touch screen display and customise their own version of the Skoda Fabia. With 14 colours, 5 interiors and 3 concepts to choose from, once they’d chosen from one of 90 possible designs, the customised vehicle appeared on the screen in real time. A great example of how AR can give consumers more control during a campaign.


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10 March 2015

Customer experience is not just for customers

Retail brands don’t know how good they have it. Debate has recently centred on how online and offline retailers could provide consistent “customer experience”, and thus encourage loyalty. It’s a conundrum, sure, but more than that I’d suggest it’s an opportunity.

Any brand with a complex customer infrastructure has unique brand-building capabilities. This is not about providing great service, consistency, or usefulness (important as these things are), it’s about having a canvas on which to paint “strategic idiosyncrasies”, which build on your brand’s advertising proposition.

If you think about it, in this age of “word of mouth”, “social media”, and “the worldwide web”, the way a company actually operates gets a huge amount of exposure. However, people being people, the type of thing that hogs this exposure will not be timely delivery, or courteous service – it will be the quirky differences that are unique to that company. Talkable stuff. The geniuses in Apple stores, the navigation trails through IKEA, your name on the coffee cup in Starbucks – if you design these differences with your marketing goals in mind, then hey presto, you’ve created effective WOM advertising within your actual company, whilst simultaneously improving your customer experience and building clearer links between your brand and product.

Taking this customer-experience-as-strategic-brand-building approach makes complex brand/buyer relationships not daunting, but exciting. 

Think about a car manufacturer. The touchpoints are endless. There are the phone calls, the test drive booking, the dealership experience, the test drive itself, the purchase process, the customisation, the servicing, the courtesy car, the process of selling the car back to them… all of these are brimming with potential for a unique brand twist.

And that’s only thinking about the “standard” customer moments. The manufacturer can build on these any way they want – events, anniversary presents, concierge services, valeting, foot rubs, you name it. Every tiny interaction has the potential to be something that will play as advertising to the world at large, and build the brand in the eyes of future customers.

So, retailers? They get no sympathy from me. The guys that I shed a tear for are those with such one dimensional customer relationships they never have the chance to exploit these processes – the poor FMCG brands.

When we look at Forbe’s list of the world’s top 20 brands, only one is FMCG (Coca-Cola, who are hardly a fair comparison), whereas 12 are brands with physical retail spaces. Now I wouldn’t suggest that this customer experience potential is the sole reason for this imbalance, but still it’s an interesting observation. Is a “strategically idiosyncratic” customer experience useful in building a powerful brand? Surely yes.

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13 February 2015

O2 gears up for Six Nations clash with holographic body mapping projection

In local news, here’s a pretty cool campaign from UK telecoms brand O2 as it builds up to tomorrow’s Six Nations clash between England and Italy (February 14). The naughty scamps have been touring the UK this week and projecting England Rugby shirts onto famous statues. But the really cool part – each has been bodymapped using cutting-edge holographic technology. Now, that’s what we like to see here at Cream!

O2 1

As an England Rugby sponsor, the activation is part of O2’s #WearTheRose Six Nations campaign. This particular activation has been led by brand experience and innovation agency CURB Media (the same guys behind Paddy Power’s Sky Tweets campaign – it figures, right?).

In the late hours of Wednesday evening, statues in nine cities around the UK ‘wore’ the England Rugby shirt, which were projected thanks to bodymapping holographic technology.

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29 January 2015

Print Ad of the Week: Responsible Young Drivers Campaign (Belgium)

Let’s face it, we’re always glued to our smartphones and social media has a major role to play in that. Everyone does it, there’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s one place where it isn’t alright and that’s on the road, when driving.

Responsible Young Drivers, a road safety volunteer organisation for and by young drivers in Belgium, are honing in on that message and ad agency ESA Saint Luc Tournai has created an impressive series of print ads to illustrate the point, all captioned with: “[Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat] have no place on the road. Using the phone while driving is responsible for 1 accident in every 10.”

Check them out below:

Drive fb


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