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09 September 2010

"Pepsi is the cooler brand and better drink. Coke is dead"

Says [insert name of anyone who has tried Pespi]. That's right, Pepsi has arrived. Coke was the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90's, even 10's, but it's Pepsi that is the drink of a new generation, the future. I like to think of myself as immune to advertising but the Pepsi Refresh Project has genuinely changed my perception of the brand and, on trying Pepsi and realising it does tastes better than Coke, I changed my purchasing habits. It's the perfect advertising case study.

The industry was shocked when Pepsi pulled it's regular spot on the Super Bowl, and spent $1.3 million dollars per month on a CSR project. CSR is a trend brands are becoming increasingly engaged with, but need guidance on exactly how to do it. 

Could this social media experiment become Pepsi's first successful advertising campaign? They've just announced the launch of the project in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, as well as continuing to fund the flagship project in Canada and the US. Bloggers predict this could even rival Coke's "refreshment" gene. 


Coca-Cola sings:

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke"
... and doesn't.

Pepsi says:
"We would like to refresh the planet"
... and does.

Go Demi                                                                                            

09 August 2010

"One in a million"

"So you're telling me there's a chance!" These crazy artists have made cars, chandeliers and entire environments out of discarded scratch-off lottery tickets. 



This car is made up $39,000 worth of scratch cards. Fun fact: even if you play the same numbers every day, it may take more than 35,000 years to guarantee a win. Brilliant

06 August 2010

Poo power

It's what we've all been waiting for - a car powered by fecal matter. The Bio-Bug runs on processed methane gas generated as part of the raw sewage treatment process. This kind of, be it unsexy, eco out-of-box thinking is what we need. 



See the full BBC report here.

Would you drive a poo-powered car?

How would you advertise such an automobile - surely the aspirational Tom Ford style approach wouldn't work, or would it?



02 August 2010

Heinz Beanz in a plastic jar may cause stress-related deaths

Heinz want bean-lovers to 'help the planet' by encouraging them to waste less beans. To do this it has scrapped the old metal tin and replaced it with a hard-to-recycle plastic jar. Not a bad idea.

Predictably, consumers with nothing better to do than get angry about beans are already writing annoying blog posts on how the new jar will 'take up too much room in the fridge' and that it is just another sad reflection of the 'nanny state' we live in. They will no doubt be staging a petition near you soon. 

From this Heinz-impress-1  to this  Beans_1688220f Great.

27 July 2010

Instant spillage

Poor old Tony Hayward. His glum expression has been plastered all over the front pages of newspapers all over the world. The environmental lobby is still giving BP a roasting, and while protesters continue to do all kinds of useful things like throw molasses all over the place at the Tate, you too can now pretend to be a BP executive and unleash your own oil spill over any website you like. 


Simply visit Instant Oil Spill and enter the web address of the site you wish to pollute. There's also a petition for you to sign, if you really want to get involve and it's a lot less destructive than molasses and feathers. . .

19 July 2010

One night in heaven

Part of humanity's reluctance to engage with environmental issues, despite some valiant efforts from the worlds most powerful brands, is due to the fact that people have cut nature out of their lives. A trip to Whole Foods and eating an apple does not count. 

So, thank the Swedes who have designed this breath-taking tree house - the perfect way to help fearful urbanites take those first tentative steps back to mother nature. 



See more images here.

22 June 2010

This is now a carbon neutral blog

Make It Green!, a German organisation is working with the Arbor Day Foundation in the US to plant trees that will help make blogs carbon neutral. 

The brains at Harvard University have calculated that the average website is responsible for 0.02 grams of carbon dioxide emissions for every visitor. They then calculate that a blog with around 15,000 visitors a month produces about 8 pounds of emissions a year. Now, a tree absorbs around 20 pounds of emissions a year, so even a blog with thousands of visitors a month can be carbon neutral by planting just one tree.

And importantly, Someone checked this claim with the Arbor Day Foundation.

carbon neutral shopping coupons with kaufDA.de

11 June 2010

And a side of carbon savings please

Vegetarians Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, an Indian-Australian billionaire couple, have put their money where their mouths are and opened a chain of restaurants, Otarian, that uses “Eco2tarian Labelling” – this shows the difference in greenhouse gas emissions between its veggie meals and the equivalent meat dish. 

You also earn “Carbon Karma Credits” as you munch, which can then eventually be redeemed for a free Choco Treat (Fairtrade, of course).


According to the Carbon Trust, eco-labeling will soon be as commonplace as nutritional information. Carbon diet anyone?

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