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22 January 2014

2014 predictions: The year of programmatic video advertising

In 2013 programmatic buying gained considerable traction across the digital advertising ecosystem. Over the next 12 months we are likely to see this trend continuing as it gains an even greater foot hold, and brand advertisers turn to sophisticated programmatic buying platforms to help them plan, execute and optimise their video ad campaigns. On top of this, advanced measurement and reporting tools will be made available to help advertisers maximise the value of brands’ digital investments, and this will ultimately see the gap between the digital and TV worlds closing. With that in mind, here are my four predictions for 2014.

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03 January 2014

#ReasonstoBelieve: Coca-Cola makes a controversial move in its new ad

Coca cola reasons to believe ed

Coca-Cola is a brand well-known for reaching out to its customers through acts of sentimentality.

Their latest ad, “Reasons to Believe”, again aims to tug at heart-strings as it focuses on the positive side of humanity. The ad shows a series of negative events that are juxtaposed alongside an array of happy moments such as weddings, acts of charity and new life. How lovely, you may think, that the soft drink giant has created something to remind us of all the positive aspects of life during these post-Christmas blues.

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19 December 2013

Wilkinson Sword leaves the fate of Santa in the hands of the public

Save santa

We are now well in to the spirit of Christmas with only a few more days left to go until the big day.

Brands are competing everywhere for the funniest/most heart-warming/most surprising reaction from their consumers.

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28 October 2013

Online video: The do's and don'ts

Video is one of the most versatile and valuable tools that modern marketers can have in their box of tricks – you do have a box of tricks, right? It enables you to craft a message you’re happy with, told in the way you want to tell it, consistently and to everyone. And it’s the ultimate flexible communication tool: you create it once and publish it everywhere; your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, presentations… you get the picture.

The point of a good video is to show your clients and prospective clients what your additional copy tells them. Traditionally, if someone lands on your site, they’re faced with a pretty straightforward option; navigate and read. But, this takes time and mental effort. Most people are lazy. I’m lazy. I bet even you’re lazy (sometimes).

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03 September 2013

Samsung Style: A new take on Gangnam Style

"Samsung Style... If you like the S3 then this phone is even better..."

If Gangnam Style still gets you bopping your head every time you hear it, then you should check out this latest take from Samsung. Pure genius!

26 June 2013

Pepsi Max & Dynamo present: "Bus Levitation" #LiveForNow

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? For me, it is without a doubt the ability to fly. (Imagine being able to avoid morning rush hour!) So imagine my surprise when I saw the latest instalment of Pepsi Max's #Livefornow campaign. In just 2 days, the video has racked up nearly one million YouTube video views. It may not quite be Red Bull Stratos, but the idea is the same. The stunt has got everyone talking, so for Pepsi Max, it's gold dust!

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20 March 2013

Harlem Shake vs Gangnam Style: The Ultimate Twitter Showdown

Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style – if I’ve lost you already then I’ve only got one thing to say: Where have you been hiding for the last year?! Both have taken the world of online video and social media by storm, and if you’re anything like me you can’t help but start bopping your head as soon as you hear either tune start playing.

It’s great that these ‘YouTube sensations’ (as some would call it) have seen massive global success, but this new, interesting infographic from Ghergich & Co uses Twitter data to compare how they were picked up in social media in the first 30 days after launch.

After comparing the total number of tweets, positive and negative reactions, tweets by country, total exposure and the peak performance, the team at Ghergich managed to pull together this pretty cool infographic comparing the two. Can you guess who came out on top? Scroll to the bottom for the winner – you might be surprised!

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17 December 2012

What digital marketers can learn from President Obama

By Leah Anathan, Emailvision 

If you’re working in digital marketing and you didn’t see two of the most recent reports from Joshua Green, a senior national correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, then it’s time for you to take a coffee break and go read them. Don’t worry; it will only take a few minutes out of your typically chaotic day. In his investigation, Mr Green discovered a digital petri dish with some powerful evidence that every online marketer should see. It’s the science behind winning campaigns. This campaign just happened to be the 2012 US election for President.

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